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Cheap or Smart?

Every summer of my life I've been outdoors. Whether is was playing in the sprinkler as teeny-human or building fence as a teenager - summers were for outside. However, when you grow up, you sit in an office from 8-5. And by "grow up," I mean when you work in an urban environment and your office is downtown. I've learned to combat this with one simple solution: projects. Because of projects, I am forced to get off my rear end and do something.

When I first started do-it-yourself projects I told myself it was because I was "cheap." Fresh out of college with a job in communications.... you do the math. But it turns out, I look forward to projects, to almost an obsessive level. {I realize I've been posting a lot of projects lately, but it's really what I've been up to.}

Currently, I'm waiting for manfriend to make a backboard for an amazing frame I found in the back room of an antique store.


Lauren {the new roomie} and I have huge plans to make this picture frame into a chalk board similar to this one I found at the shabbymcfabby Etsy Shop.  This one is listed for $148. However, I can make one myself with a large picture frame ($30) and chalk board spray paint ($8).

Our plans are to use our chalk board to track our Must See in OKC list. Each Wednesday we're going to visit a new, random place in the OKC Metro. (Have any suggestions??)

Is it cheap or just smart? Encouragment from others has landed me on the Dave Ramsey plan for life. And, by plan - I mean, the I mess up and buy shoes I shouldn't every now and then but then I get right back on my plan - plan.

Honestly, who cares about reasoning. Its fun. And, I find a little bit of pleasure trying to scrap paint off my nails while riding the elevator up to my downtown office.