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Snakes live in the country?!

I'm borderline obsessed with pictures. Someday, I'd like to consider myself a photographer, but until then I'll tote a "big girl" camera with me where ever I can.

At the farm this weekend, I took the usual tour of the place looking for anything that could suffice as a subject. Often, you'll find me on the ground trying to get a good angle.

For example, I'm literally laying on the ground to get this picture of these kittens. (Aunt C - this one is for you. Seriously. I'm sending one back to Indiana for you!)

This is trigger. He's my main squeeze. So obviously after giving him a few lovin's my rural gone urban butt was on the ground trying to take a good pic.

Out of the corner of my eye - I saw something strange.

It was a million feet long and slithering only inches away from me. To be fair, only a few feet long.

This living-to-close-to-Starbucks girl moved faster than a 16-year-old boy on prom night.

And. I ran.

Straight to my little brother.

"You saw a snake didn't you?"

Yep. Now. Go get it.

For all those moms who think it's cool to have a larger-than-necessary flower garden in the country, please don't cringe - my brother is stomping all of the "good" flowers.

Just as the shutter closed on this picture - that little booger of a snake came right at me! So, in all my glory - I ran, again.

Good news, he caught him. This beastly little copperhead.

Urban? Never heard of a copperhead? Google it. It's not a farm-friendly snake. Had it been a bull snake by little brother would have relocated it to the pasture.

I've since retreated to my urban casa where I've worked on a safer hobby: furniture.