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I wear shorts to work.

I work downtown.

See - that's the view from my office. It's a pretty sweet gig.


Downtown it's pretty usual to see black suits, black heels, black glasses - basically your usual Men-in-Black scenario.

But, on Thursdays I put on my shorts.

It's weird, I know.

It's because my job puts me in a News on 6 viewer's backyard where I have the opportunity to talk about pork and the various ways to prepare pork during the grilling season.

It's pretty cool, really. Viewer's enter pictures of their backyard, and then on Thursday's the crew shows up - cameras, meteorologist, grill.... pork.

Today we're grilling Southwestern Grilled Pork Tenderloin. To be fair - I always look into how much time goes in to preparing the meals. So, be assured this recipe is pretty simple - and delicious.

Oh, and if you're not keeping up with Oklahoma Weather let me fill you in. It's hot. Shorts are very much appropriate.