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This is real life.

Almost a year ago, I had a wonderful job. I worked with great people - but I was complacent. Also, I didn't use the word "I" as much as I am right now. Probably. I read somewhere (let's get real, I read it on Pinterest.) that you should do for the rest of your life what you do when you're procrastinating. Well, that was networking via Social Media, blogging, and seeking new adventures.

Naturally, upon reading such a statement and taking a few days to ponder what exactly that job could be I tabled it for another lifetime. Who in their right mind would ever pay me  to manage a social media community, travel and then write about my experiences - in my voice?

One day I found a listing for a travel writer and eCommunity manager. Honestly, I didn't think too much of it. With a B.S. in Agricultural Communications and an M.Ag. in International Agriculture I thought I would for sure be the laughing stock of the individual receiving my application.

So, going against every fiber of career seeking advice I'd ever received, I applied. Using that term loosely, I sent an email hyperlinking all my social media properties (including Rural Gone Urban).

Fast forward 8 months later.... I sort of have a job doing what I do when procrastinating. Except, I'm not procrastinating.

Folks, this is real life. Also, can we agree to never talk about how poor my punctuation is today? And, "folks"? What is this the Waltons?

Oh, for the life..

It went LIVE today.

This is not a test.

If you visit - there will be a website... and my face and voice in all of it's abstract randomness will be there.

Excuse me while I panic. It's like that moment when you send the last approval of a print project to the printer... you can't take it back. It's there. It's live.