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My porch is rockin' the fall colors.

This post was almost a "fall is my favorite time of the year...." post. But, that would be a lie. Because, winter is my favorite. I love snow, boots, coats, ice skating, sledding, Christmas music.

So, instead it's a My Flowers are Still Alive post! (insert happy dance!)

And, they happen to make my front porch look really festive.

I told you a few weeks ago I have a budget and I try to stick to it. Purchasing these fall flowers fell into the "shopping" category. And, thanks to the budget I really had to think about purchasing these flowers that will only last a few months - and the possibility of purchasing a pair of shoes.

Obviously I picked the flowers. Note: I only picked orange and white flowers to keep with my theme of orange this month.

I'm not sure if it's my rural upbringing, but I enjoy the responsibility of caring for plants, even in an urban agricultural setting.

This little pig is starting to grow on me. A present from my mom when I worked at an agricultural organization promoting pork, he never was quite my favorite.

I'd be willing to swap him out for a reasonably sized chicken and name it whatever Beyonce decides to name that baby bump.





$80 Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the definition of fall. Agreed? I've been perusing Pinterest and making a list of things to make when I get that first new-job paycheck.

Naturally. when I saw a pumpkin stand during my travels yesterday - I stopped!

There I saw it - the great pumpkin Charlie Brown has been looking for.

The sky turned a deeper shade of blue, the clouds became fluffier, the birds chirped along with the colors of the wind.

Then - I saw it. The $80 price tag.

Are ya' kiddin' me?

No thank you. I could buy a perfectly acceptable pair of shoes for that cash.