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Sole Mates.

Do you know how I know for sure I'm rural? The other day, while discussing children, the following words came out of my mouth: "Oh, I bet he throws a large birth weight, but I have doubts in the yearling weight."

Uhm? Say what?

A two solid years living in this intertwining concourse of pavement and I'm finally falling into my urban groove. However, I'm 100 percent certain that with every pencil skirt and four inch stilettos I purchase, my favorite item in my closet will be my heavily starched jeans and boots.

These are my girls. Left to right: BCBG snakeskin 'kicks, Jessica Simpson too-high-of-a-heal, My new Loves, Anderson Bean Gators, and Ferrini Pink Tops.

Let's focus on that new pair... that gorgeous pair in the middle.

Boot Barn sent me these lovely Shyanne Daisy May 'kicks (in cognac). To be fair, I've had them for a few weeks. They were like a new boyfriend I wasn't ready to share with the world.

I needed to get a good feel for them, before I shared. Selfish, I tell you. I'm just downright selfish.

I wore them to the Myriad Gardens to watch Space Jam, I wore them as I crawled home from a wedding weekend in Stillwater, and I wore them as I cheered for the Gamecocks in the College World Series.

Do you need proof that I love them? Take a look at the soles. They've become my go-to 'kicks in a matter of weeks. Their intricate details (yes, I'm swooning over the turquoise) has allowed me to pair them with dresses, my new favorite lace shorts, and denim.

And, they're comfortable. Well, after the first wear. But, to be fair I was so excited I didn't wear socks and it's HOT in Oklahoma. Poor planning on my part.

Tonight, I'm leaving for another East Coast weekend trip. If I wasn't planning to doing nothing but getting a tan... these pretty girls would be in my suitcase.

Actually, on second thought... they're coming. They are absolutely coming on this trip. I just love them.

To make sure I'm being honest with you let's give this little quiz a go: Do I like olives? nope. Do I like romantic comedies from the eighties? Yep. Do I have a handsome boyfriend? Yep. Yep. Yep. Do I love these new Shyanne Daisy Mae boots? Ringing affirmative.

There you have it folks. I'm sold, and I'm never taking these boots off. The end.

It's my duty, to wear Pantone 166.

Two degrees + one Tiara = a firm obligation to incorporate Pantone 166 (the official orange of Oklahoma State) into every wardrobe choice during the month of October. I'll try to tone down my orange-ness during weekdays, but on weekends - my gameday clothing takes on a mind of its own.

Why? Homecoming, a kick-a football team, and I just happen to love the color.

I picked these sunglasses up at Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl .  Obviously, I only got to wear them for the first half of the Okstate vs. KU game. I thankfully stored them in my orange J. Simpson purse to welcome the rain.

{notice that chickenpox scare - I'm a pre-chicken pox vaccine kid and proud of it.}

Although I've never signed a 9 month lease agreement with a tiny human, I'm still a fan of their gameday fashion. Football tights? Obviously a great decision.

And, of course I didn't really know this kid. She happened to be at the tailgate - and I asked her boss {the mom} for permission, naturally.

I usually make fun of all jersey-wearers, which is probably why I didn't buy this jersey this past Saturday. But - I think I need it. I'm coveting this Blackmon jersey like nobody's business.

I want it so bad I'm having a hard time formulating sentences that will truly encompass my desire to wear this jersey during the Baylor game. {or Kansas, or Bedlam}

I'll keep you posted on if I can hold out on this purchase - it might be a tough battle.

(I've made a Pantone 166 board on pinterest if you're interested.)

Pinterest look Completed.

I'm completely obsessed with Pinterest. I'm so obsessed, that in the few months I've been a member of the site, I've had to ground myself from logging on and pinning things I will never, ever get around to doing. First thing to notice: how mature of me to set boundaries for myself.

Second: How ridiculous that I'd even fall in love with a website.

I pinned this look a while ago with the intention of losing a few dreaded pounds - shaping up those legs and rockin' it.

Honestly, I had everything to make this look happen, I was just waiting for fall. And, in Oklahoma - that's a lot of waiting.

When it came time to take a few pictures for the my new job - it was obvious what look I would try to make happen.

Who needs to shred a few pounds when you can just hide those curvy thighs?

I've been following a few blogs who only shop at Goodwill. As an avid sales rack and outlet shopper - I think I'm going to make this a must.

Any suggestions for shopping at thrift stores or Goodwill?