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Social Media Magic

Social Media has opened so many doors that its actually really hard to count them all. It's lead to real-life meetings which has lead to real-life #agnerd friends. {What's an agnerd? Read about that here.}

A few weeks ago I went on a work trip to San Fransico . One night Jodi (my Kansas neighbor), Jennifer (my uh-mazing friend in Ohio) and myself rented a car and trecked to Sacremento to meet with a few Social Media friends.

Pictured above: Jennifer, Brent, BrandonRay, Katie, Jeff, myself, and Jodi.

Obviously, we'd never met anyof these wonderful people in real life but the great guys at Brew It Up Sacremento spotted us before we even knew what hit us and quickly said, "the group with the Cowboy hat is in the back..."

I can't explain how much fun dinner was - and that's really not the point of this post... so I'll keep pushing through.

A few weeks ago - right in the middle of moving one roommate out and another roommate in - Katie sent me a tweet:

And, then, like magic - I recieved this in the mail:

To be fair, I tore through the box and gobbled every ounce of the Bacon A'mond Chocolate Brittle before I even considered taking a picture. Thanks, Jodi, for letting my "borrow" this one from your Facebook.

And, yes - I will call the phenomenon "magic," because it is truly magical to recieve BACON goodies in the mail from North Dakota, from someone you met on twitter, and met in real-life in California.

You never know where a a conversation may lead, so take advantage every opportunity to make a new friend. I'm serious. Whether its at church, standing in line at the post office, twitter or even the dentist - the chances are you're not going to regret it.

Interested in making your own batch of Bacon A'mond Chocolate Brittle? Visit the Pinke Post for a step-by-step tutorial. Oh, and tell her I sent you!

The lunchbox.

Recently, I was asked what someone does for fun in OKC. My knee-jerk reaction, "eat?" I'm as guilty as the next gal when it comes to entertainment. It seems our plans revolve around food.

So - why not blog about it?

Usually, I'm pretty good about bringing my lunch to work. However, there are the occasions I spring for lunch with Dallyn or fend for myself.

On the latter, I have a go-to.

Johnny's Lunch Box is my absolute favorite. The price is perfect [under $10] and the food is great.

This is a no-frills establishment with a handwritten "reserved" seat for the regulars. It's a throwback to the small-town atmosphere.

My go-to is the Meatball and Parmesan sandwich with macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes for sides.

I haven't gone to the back to see who is in the kitchen. But, I'm pretty sure it's someone's grandma. And, she's using hand-me-down recipes.