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We've got that Super Bass.

I have wonderful news for my future nieces - the ones who will be born many, many years from now. I have successfully made two tutus in my life. The first one for a superhero costume and the other for last night's Halloween costume. Courtney and I couldn't disappoint the church group who comes to the little urban casa every Wednesday. We told them we'd dress up and I believe there were a few serious pinkie promises in the mix.

This side-by-side is a little creepy. Is that me as a child? Oh dear goodnessCourtney, the Rosie to my Sophia, was and is the perfect hype girl.

As a child I was about as annoying as they come. Always talking, always the center of attention and always talking a few octaves too high my parents had their hands full with me.

Clearly, it makes perfect sense I would fall in love with the little tutu-wearing rapper, Sophia Grace.

This may be the best costume of my life, and I once dressed up as a really awesome dinosaur.

They're just quite lovely.

Sigh. Could someone loan me their child? I'll teach them a few Nicki Manaj lyrics, put them in a tutu and send them right back.

Also, anyone need a tutu? There's really no room in my closet for this.