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house wine + s'mores

Once upon a time I made a happy hour date with an Oklahoma girl named Emily. She’s a small town Oklahoma girl who happened to move to Austin the same weekend as the Haney team. On this particular Friday (ahem, last Friday), I was somehow granted an easy commute. Basically, an Austin miracle.

We met at House Wine, which happens to be one of my favorite places to hang out in all of Austin. It’s a house that serves wine. Get it?


And, they serve s'mores. S'MORES.

Unrelated and not particularly important: I wore a floral dress I scored on the cheap from Nordstrom Rack. 

While we talked about housing markets, Kendra Scott knock-offs, Emily's recent wedding, traffic patterns and vacations we destroyed a plate of urban campfire s'mores.

I've never been so messy in public in all my life or had a more delightful happy hour.