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Things I know.

Spray Painting furniture will give you a headache.  {Pictures of my newly painted rolltop desk coming soon.}

 Using a pushmower is stupid. {I miss having a large enough yard where having a riding lawnmower is a requirment}

Tanning is bad for your skin. {But, it makes you feel all warm and gooey and happy inside.}

The new ABC show Happy Endings is hilarious.

Boys don't reply to emails.

The OKC Arts Festival will make you gain 5.3 pounds.

Seychelle shoes make my heart happy.

I'm on day 3 of my Indiana hangover and I want to go back. Right now.

Because I miss this kid.

And this one.

Probably this one, too.

But I don't miss my dad telling me my biological clock is ticking. Because it's not. Because if it were this would turn into a Mommy-blog. & That would be weird.

functionally dis-functional

8 grandparents. 8 aunts. 11 uncles. 24 first cousins. 9 baby friends. (two I've never met) I come from a very normal American family. Read as: functionally dis-functional.

They all live in one teeny-tiny county in Central Indiana. Thanks to the witness relocation program, I don't. Neither do my parents or siblings. My siblings are just now able to drive. {remember: functionally dis-functional.} I was the accident on the top-side.

This is going somewhere - I promise.

Next week is Easter. Which means, I'm loading up the ninja (my stealthy black gas guzzler), probably a sibling or two and heading to the land of soybeans, corn, paved country roads and grandma's mashed potatoes.

I plan to stay up late and catch up on all the gossip, spin toddlers until they spit up everywhere, take a 1.2 million pictures of grain bins, go out late - but make it to church, and eat approximately 4.2 gallons of Kroger's French Onion Dip.

These people {my family} may be a gazillion miles away, but they made me who I am. They get me.

I've never been more excited.