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Big shoes to fill

In college I found interviews to be a challenging hobby of mine. I'm weird, I know. This came about because the first time I interviewed for a job I was a nervous wreck. As the aspiring shoe saleswoman at Stillwater's Shoe Bank, I couldn't keep my hands from shaking. Bless my recent high school graduate heart. As part of my over-achieving undergraduate status, I served two years as a Career Liaison. Read as: I edited a lot of résumés and fell in love with mock interviews. It became a game to me. Once, I was even offered a job during a mock interview. Uhg, imagine the discounts had I taken that job with Target!

My senior year, I applied for Homecoming royalty. One of the rounds consisted of round-robin interviews. In each interview for 15 minutes, you faced a firing squad of questions. Honestly, this was one of the best experiences of my life. I was forced to think on my toes, swallow my emotions and showcase any ounce of confidence I was containing.

One interview session was unlike the others. The room was quiet, the words were few and there were no windows. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic. The first question, "What do you do when you're having a bad day?"

My response was genuine. "Well, I've decided when you're facing a rough day, you must first decide you're going to turn it around. Your attitude directly influences behavior."

He wasn't satisfied.

Channeling what limited knowledge I had of public speaking, I rephrased my response; however, sticking to my same point. It wasn't a canned answer. To this day I believe it's a critical piece of character. Deciding you're going to have a good day is half the battle.

Still, he wasn't satisfied.

I took a deep breath and smiled. "Sir, I believe what you're asking me is what I literally do when I'm having a bad day. If that's the case, I grab my copy of Charade, order pizza and call my best friends to a girls night."

With that, he was satisfied.

SonicIce_BrookeClayWhere am I going with this? Today, I was randomly surprised with an anonymous gift. Why yes, it is a Route 44 ice water. It was a simple reminder that I have really, really great friends. I'm not having a bad day, but this did remind me that if I were - I have a huge safety net of friends.

North Carolina, you have big shoes to fill when ever I make my way your direction. Fall? Next winter? When ever it is - get ready.