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My little sister loves ice cream.

‘ello loves. Top of this lovely Monday morning to you. For the sake of laughter, I thought I’d share with you my favorite story of my dear, adorable sister. She’s nine years my junior, which really means I just thought she was extremely annoying until the past few years

Let’s rewind to ’00 or ’01 when Tori was five or six. With three extremely picky children, our parents’ choice for dinner nights was the local buffet. Seriously, creepers, fancy schmancy dinners were at the Golden Corral – or was it Sirloin Stockade?

little_SisterMy sister is everything my opposite. As a child, her transparent locks framed her ocean eyes and complimented her dry sense of humor. T, who for the record has never met my sister (we should change that…), refers to her as sarcastic Barbie. ‘Tis true. Sarcastic and Barbie she is.

Tori has had a love affair with ice cream her entire life. During this particular dinner, she convinced my mother she was old enough to get her own ice cream. My mom gave her the usual talk, “only one trip for ice cream, Tori.”

She was gone for a long time. Long enough – we questioned whether or not someone should go look for her. If I know my family a game of “not me” ensued.

She returned - full size plate of chocolate and vanilla ice cream in hand. With only one allotted ice cream trip, she passed on the bowl and went for the plate.

The plate was stacked 7 or 8 inches high with quite the assortment of toppings.

She simply sat in her seat, picked up her spoon and began consuming a few thousand calories of Stillwater’s finest buffet ice cream.

Maybe that’s not as funny in print? Or, maybe you’re laughing because you just wasted a solid 3.2 minutes of your Monday morning?

I hope you push the boundaries, think outside of the bowl, dance to your own Mariah Carey cover.

How was your day? Good. How was yours?

Sometimes I don't know what to post about. Generally, I'm not that interesting. Not even generally - all the time, I'm not that interesting. I'm extremely typical.

I dislike bootcamp, but I go anyway. Shoes are my downfall - I want them all. I use I too many times in a post. If I was editing this post it would already have 9 big red circles, but I'm not so I can do what I want.

The question that often catches me off guard and make my heart skip a beat is when people ask me how my day is, and genuinely mean it.

Not the generic, "How is your day - fine - how is yours."

But the, "How is your day today, how was work, how is the project you told me about last week."

I'm telling you - that question - means more to me than ice cream cake on my birthday.

Those are the type of people I want to surround myself with. When they ask me that question - I just want to skip over the answer and ask them about their day! I enjoy hearing about people's lives. Generally (there's that word again), their day is so different from mine.

Chelsea and I at the Eiffel Tower during a study abroad trip junior year. Fact: Of the entire study abroad trip, we were the only two who went to the Eiffel Tower. What a missed opportunity for the rest of them... 

Chelsea and I at the Eiffel Tower during a study abroad trip junior year. Fact: Of the entire study abroad trip, we were the only two who went to the Eiffel Tower. What a missed opportunity for the rest of them... 

Chelsea, who now lives in Phoenix, is one of those people. We've currently discovered how easy it is to Facetime on our iphones. From 9-5 she works for an incredible organization raising money for cancer awareness and research. During the evenings, she's a regular twenty-something loving life, her family and her friends.

When is the last time you asked someone about their day, and kept listening (really listening) to see how it was?

Things I know.

Spray Painting furniture will give you a headache.  {Pictures of my newly painted rolltop desk coming soon.}

 Using a pushmower is stupid. {I miss having a large enough yard where having a riding lawnmower is a requirment}

Tanning is bad for your skin. {But, it makes you feel all warm and gooey and happy inside.}

The new ABC show Happy Endings is hilarious.

Boys don't reply to emails.

The OKC Arts Festival will make you gain 5.3 pounds.

Seychelle shoes make my heart happy.

I'm on day 3 of my Indiana hangover and I want to go back. Right now.

Because I miss this kid.

And this one.

Probably this one, too.

But I don't miss my dad telling me my biological clock is ticking. Because it's not. Because if it were this would turn into a Mommy-blog. & That would be weird.

It happened.

My sister recently said to me, "everyone thinks Will {my little, her big - brother.}  has a lot of money." Without even thinking about it I replied, "of course he does. He doesn't pay rent, buy groceries, pay the electric bill, pay for insurance."

Man, I wish I was 16.

I think this conversation is going to repeat it's self frequently thoughout the next several years. My response will change ever so slightly. "Of course he does, he's not paying into college funds, paying for kids, scheduling doctor appointments, buying school supplies."

On second thought. I'm cool with being a solid twenty-something. Right in the middle of not-paying bills and paying too many bills.

On another note. I'm really getting into this whole do-it-yourself thing. I found this table in my mom's barn. She [and my aunts] love to find bargains.

 The only thing wrong about this table was [beside the solid layer of dirt ] they mod podged leaf stickers. I'm still uncertain in what century this was a cool thing to do.

This is still a work-in-progress. I'm going to destress it a bit. And, yes, I took the easy way out and used spray paint. [High quality spray paint]

Planted a few flowers, too. If you remember back to last year this probably means we're about to encounter a hail storm. Knock on wood.

Head over Wedges

Big Weekend. HUGE weekend. I realize when I write something funny like They don't teach you this in college there tends to be a lot more visitors, more retweets, more comments. But, for you to truly appreciate my sarcasm, seriousness and abstract randomness - I'm going to give one of those really boring play-by-plays.

Any basketball fans? Heard of that tragic accident that took the lives of 10 Cowboys? Well for those of you who live under a rock {no worries, that's where I am most of the time.} you can google it. For the rest of you, you'll understand why participating in the Remember the 10 run was so incredible.   We declared it "girl's weekend" and headed to Stillwater san any manfriends. {Pictured with Manfriend's mom and sister.} It was the most beautiful weekend in Stillwater. However, I'm pretty sure Stillwater will always have a sparkly glow every time I return as an alum.

Because we were in Stillwater. And, it happens to be the most glorious place on earth. We went shopping. I found this little number at Hobby Lobby. Even on sale it wasn't going to fit into my thrifty-chic budget. {Good news is, I found a table just like this in my parent's barn needing a little TLC)

I fell in love with these. Head over wedges, deeply madly in love.

Because it was still "girl's weekend," I went home. Rural Route 3 past where the black top ends [technically it's not a Rural Route anymore - something about saving lives with a 911 address} to hang out with my sister.

Side note: My boss always says I'm like a "baby duck." Something about waking up everyday looking up at the sky like it's the first time I've ever seen it. Weird.

Anyway, within minutes of my parent's heading out-of-town, my sister.... bought some ducks. Seriously. Who does that?

A few times a week I walk into work, stop my foot and curse the urban dwellers who "couldn't drive to save their lives." I'm not declaring I deserve driver of the year, but I do think all urbanites develop a slight case of road rage after only a few days.

On the way home from church, we got into a traffic jam. An old school nothing-urban-about-this traffic jam.

As you can see. I had the best weekend. Hope you did, too!

functionally dis-functional

8 grandparents. 8 aunts. 11 uncles. 24 first cousins. 9 baby friends. (two I've never met) I come from a very normal American family. Read as: functionally dis-functional.

They all live in one teeny-tiny county in Central Indiana. Thanks to the witness relocation program, I don't. Neither do my parents or siblings. My siblings are just now able to drive. {remember: functionally dis-functional.} I was the accident on the top-side.

This is going somewhere - I promise.

Next week is Easter. Which means, I'm loading up the ninja (my stealthy black gas guzzler), probably a sibling or two and heading to the land of soybeans, corn, paved country roads and grandma's mashed potatoes.

I plan to stay up late and catch up on all the gossip, spin toddlers until they spit up everywhere, take a 1.2 million pictures of grain bins, go out late - but make it to church, and eat approximately 4.2 gallons of Kroger's French Onion Dip.

These people {my family} may be a gazillion miles away, but they made me who I am. They get me.

I've never been more excited.

They don't teach you this in college

1. You can't charge stuff to your BURSAR. Even parking tickets. There is no BURSAR. However, the BURSAR will contact you about a ticket they just caught you on camera for - from 2 years ago. You still have to pay it. 2. You don't find out about clubs from the O'colly. Or the Listserv. You have to network and use twitter.

3. That picture your roommate posted freshman year, that you untagged is still out there. And, when you want to apply to be a volunteer - they'll find it on your background check.

4. Your friends are more important than your job or the newest iphone. You're going to drive a box, to work in a box, and stare at a box, check texts on the tiny box - but what matters is who is there for you when you leave the box. Work to live - don't live to work.

5. Drama is going to follow you if you let it. So don't. In college, you probably said/say "I can't wait until all this drama is over." It's not college where the drama is. Drama can be anywhere you let it be. So just don't let it be anywhere.

6. You're not going to know how to do your job well right off the bat. They taught theory in college; therefore, teach yourself.

7. No one looks at your transcript. No one cares what your grades are. Well, unless you're an Engineer. {then they might}

8. Life after college is hard. But, so is starving in a third-world country. Keep it in perspective.

9. Don't whine on facebook. Or twitter. It makes you look like a loser. & No one hires losers.

10. Stop worrying so much - you're going to get wrinkles! Seriously. You're old now.