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Sunday Goals.

I'm a techy-ish person. I have a Macbook, an iphone and an ipad. I email, texts, ichat, tweet, blog, pin, and update my status. I also have every color of Sharpie pens, which I use to write down lists in my planner. Is that weird? Only a few years ago the thought of a list was the equivalent of nails on chalkboard, unbrushed teeth, or dirty windows. The sheer thought make the hairs on my arms stand erect and sent chills down my spine.

Now, each Sunday I make a point to write down a list of goals I hope to accomplish each week. There's something about having a hand-written list of goals that I can swipe a line through over the course of seven days that gives me the sense of accountability.

Here's what I have so far: {note some are a little more serious than others}

Weekly Goals 1. No Pop 2. Pray, everyday. 3. 5 Good deeds 4. Stay on Budget 5. Wash the Ninja {my car.} 6. Call an out-of-state friend x3

House Goals 1. Clean one room each day. 2. De-clutter one closet

I have other lists, too. But, I'm too embarrassed to tell you what they are. Why have I become so type-A? This is getting out of hand.

Do you make lists? What do you have on yours?