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are we there yet?

I woke up in the 5 o’clocks because the weight of the world had found itself snuggled on my chest and I needed air more than Jordin Sparks in ’08.

I thrive under pressure. If you have a project in the 11th hour I can be your Oliva Pope. Maybe that’s the problem? I’ve known about our move to Nashville for too long. I’m in the 5th hour and there’s too much time between now and August 8.

It’s just too long to micromanage every detail. From sealing every piece of freshly-laundered linen in a Ziplock space bag to tracking action items (like selling furniture and confirming carpet cleaners) in a shared Google Sheet to making trips to Goodwill to reading books about living a minimalized life I’m simply over thinking everything.

We’re going to get there whether or not the windows in the guest bedroom have been spit-shined. I don’t need to control all the things.

So, as of today, I’m just going to roll with it.

Because, I’m coming off a pretty spectacular weekend with my lovely friend, Kirby; Courtney is already filling my school nights with concerts; and my mom is coming this weekend. Which basically means she’s going to whip my house into shape and I’ll repay her by driving her to all.the.thrift.shops.

tips for downsizing before a big move

This will be the third year in a row I've made a big move. Partner that with moving into a one-bedroom apartment for football season and you'll arrive at the conclusion that "stuff" isn't important and donating it to someone who needs it and selling big pieces to pay for the move is a pretty strong tactic. Or, at least that's where we arrived. 

1. Take stock of everything in your home you can do with out and be relentless. 

Do you love the headboard in the guest bedroom? (yes.) Do you remember who you were with when you found it and how much of a deal it was? (yes and yes.) Do you have all the feelings. (get over it.) 

Does the bedside stand from Hobby Lobby really need to make the move from Texas to Tennessee? (no.)

2. Be creative.

Whether you're writing copy for Craigslist or a buy/sale/trade Facebook group, sell your product. Be witty. Channel your inner Mindy Kaling.

3. be a shot caller.

Price your items a little higher, because they (the people of the internet) are going to negotiate. If you don't want to negotiate with a stranger from craigslist - don't. It's still your stuff and you get to make the decisions. With that, if someone makes you feel uncomfortable, don't meet up with them. There's plenty of Craigslist fish in the sea. 

4. being a pack rat cost cash money.

When you put value to lugging around all the stuff you think you need it get's a little #firstworldproblems to the extreme. Packing supplies, UHaul trucks and storage containers cost money. We (yes, you) are so fortunate to be surrounded by so many high-quality materialistic items. Let's get over ourselves and know our worth isn't synonymous with our processions.

I asked the following questions when deciding whether something could stay. 

  • Does it give you joy? (source: The Life-changing Magic of Tidying)
  • Can it be replaced?
  • Do you need it.

Moving is hard, but moving a lot of stuff you don't need just because you're too afraid to let go is harder. Literally it's harder. Stuff is heavy, man.