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School supplies = Happy heart.

I purchased flowers for myself this week. That’s a lie. They weren't flowers. Do I strike you as a flowers loving type of girl? It was the equivalent of flowers. For you creepers who have had the opportunity to interact with me in real life you know I’m a little abstract random. It’s typical to catch me singing sporadically, laughing too loudly, or referencing a really bad television show. (Y’all know you watch Honey Boo Boo and Uncle Si)

With that said, I enjoy “school.” Well, I guess I’m not in school any longer so I just enjoy the supplies. Word on the street is that this is completely normal.

Be still my school supplies loving heart.

Here’s the deal. I spent 2.5 weeks on a Tour de South and life is overwhelming when you’re trying to regain your sense of normalcy after a trip. This isn’t a pitty party – it’s factual.

So, yesterday on my way to the office my heart spotted Staples. It sang to me (in a Mariah Carey tune). Yes, my heart sang to me of sharpie pens, notebooks, sticky notes and pretty dividers. My heart took the wheel making a dramatic left turn into the parking lot.

My brain, confused, obliged.

I left with $50 (Shout out to Christmas money!) in Martha Stewart office supplies in a beautiful shade of Tiffany’s blue.

Honestly, I don’t even know what I’m going to do with my new notebook. My heart doesn’t care. It just knows it’s happy and that’s all that matters.

*Martha Stewart doesn’t know about this post. If she did she’d probably send me a few free samples. (hint, Martha.) Or, she’d take me under her wing like she did Blake Lively and plan our wedding. Probably.