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They've got moves like Jackson.

Please forgive me loyal creepers, it's been 3 weeks since my last post. I haven't forgotten about you, promise. It's just my life has been a whirlwind of excitement and I don't know how to pen type the words of a post without sounding like an overly mushy girl who has been stricken with those feelings of ... ya know.... Whew. That just got weird. Seriously, I had an amazing trip to Seattle a few weekends ago with T., and we'll get to that later, but for now let's talk about the funnest wedding I've ever been to, ever.

I'm not overly fond of emotions. We've covered this. With that said, it doesn't mean I don't have them. I just prefer to keep them to myself or to wait until I'm in the "safe zone," where no one can see my ugly cry. (Really, it's not pretty.)

Anyway, this weekend at Casey & Marek's lovely wedding I had an "Oh my goodness that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen" moment. It didn't happen during the vows, or the first dance or even during the father-daughter dance. Instead, it was when Mr. and Mrs. Casey Cornett took to the dance floor with their Michael Jackson dance moves.

If you look to the left you'll see me covering my mouth in complete amazement and Lindsay laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

All weddings should come with a photo booth (and an open bar).

It's weird how life works sometimes. You see, Marek became my coworker about a week before I met T, and Lindsay was my first OKC twitter friend. They were his friends first; however, now they're mine independent and because of him. Strange.

A wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Friend date at the Plaza.

My job is incredible. I love it. But, because of it I rarely make weekend plans. Working in tourism affords the opportunity to attend a lot of festivals; however, it also books a lot of my weekends. So last night, a Friday mind you, when I was sitting on the couch at 5:30 p.m. watching a Real Housewives of Orange County rerun I was exuberant when Courtney asked what type of trouble we were going to find.

After a little Pinky and the Brain banter we were off to Live on the Plaza with Allison in tow.

This marks my third official visit to the Plaza (I know, a horrible OKC resident). The first for Lacy's birthday at Lyric and the second was to meet a stranger at an unfamiliar bar. Both true accounts from my life.

Did I purchase this T-shirt from the sales rack? Of course. Why would I do that?

These panties are the single reason I'm going to attempt to keep cash on hand. There is no excuse for my lack of forethought. Zero.

Every now and then you need a night where you laugh so hard your stomach hurts.

Last night was good for my soul.

While chasing the most amazing grilled cheese of my life with my beloved Boulevard Wheat, I offered dating advice to the lucky girls at the table. It's hard work keeping a straight face discussing the mating patterns of Peacocks.

It may have been because it was the first time I'd walked through the doors of Saints since I met that certain stranger. Or, it could have been because my advice is so poor it's just funny.

My advice: Listen Court. You're not going to meet a man in the Plaza unless you happen to be in the market for skinny jeans and ironic T-shirts. Tomorrow, you're going to stake out the nearest farm store and hang out in the medicine aisle because men who care for their animals are patient. And, as a card carrying member of the female population, we need all the patience we can get.

I'm so fortunate to have quality friends. They're the Club to my Babysitter.

Wish List: Oklahoma Pillow

I need this - oh baby, oh baby. Really, I do. Could someone get this for me. I'll put it on my couch, I'll look at it everyday, I'll point it out to everyone who walks in to my little urban casa.

You can find it at the National Cowboy Museum Store. For a lofty $150 you could feed your family - or buy me this adorable pillow. I'll keep it forever - I promise.


Coveting A Beautiful Hand-Stitched Masterpiece in OKC.

*Picture borrowed from the NCWHM website - hope you guys don't mind.



Cowboys take the W.

My late-blooming love for tailgating doesn’t water-down the goosebumps that cover my arms the second the pre-game {poorly put together} video graces the screens at Boone Pickens. Sure I didn't start really tailgating until I was a junior or so..

Black on Black: my absolute favorite. I thought – hoped – the black on black color combo was going to wait until Bedlam. And, then, I hoped it would at least be paired with the black helmet.

All those years of working at the Shoe Bank on commission - and making bank from moms who weren't cut out for tailgating - were not worth it.

I love everything about game days. Even Thursday games when you have to leave OKC a little early and are a little too tired on Friday.

Who am I to complain?

Once, for a short period of time, I had a green thumb.

I kept this little diddy alive for a whole 2 months.

These guys are still alive - barely.

These - goners.

Last night I ripped out the lifeless plants that crumbled between my fingers.

We {Oklahoma} are in a drought.

For me - in my little urban casa, this means if you leave for a weekend when you return your flowers will be dead.

It means all my hard work planting, watering, weeding... well, is gone. I laughed as I was pulling the plants and thought, "too bad there isn't crop insurance for my urban flowers."


In the grand scheme of things, my flowers don't make a microdent in the impact the weather is making in the agricultural industry. This drought or "The Great Drought of 2011" as some are calling it is  affecting 14 states from Florida to Arizona. This is big time.

It means the pastures where the cattle graze on our farm - is burning up.

Who am I to complain about a few measly little flowers?

For the record - Oklahoma City thankfully accepted rain today.

Not a bad urban view, huh?

Turquoise Peacock Bangle

I have this friend who just defended her thesis, is moving to Nashville and has more fashion sense than Vogue. Her western Oklahoma roots have her skirting the turnpike around Oklahoma City to get to the land of magic... aka Stillwater.... but rarely has her stopping for any length of quality shopping time.

Recently, Kirby and I went to a few local boutiques in the  OKC metro looking for jewelry. It was an obvious decision to swing by the French Cowgirl.

This store encompasses everything I could love in a boutique: friendly staff, cute clothes, shabby chic furniture, boots, nick-knacks. I highly recommend you stop by.

Kirby spotted this Peacock bangle in turquoise. Not being a big jewelry wearer it was an oddity that my heart skipped a beat. I've already worn it!

It's sort of Blanche Devereaux meets shabby chic.

And, I can channel my inner Victoria while wearing it.

Thanks, Kirby, for helping me step outside my pearls-only comfort zone.

The French Cowgirl has no idea what Rural Gone Urban is or that I purchased this adorable Peacock Bangle from their adorable boutique. 

Cheap or Smart?

Every summer of my life I've been outdoors. Whether is was playing in the sprinkler as teeny-human or building fence as a teenager - summers were for outside. However, when you grow up, you sit in an office from 8-5. And by "grow up," I mean when you work in an urban environment and your office is downtown. I've learned to combat this with one simple solution: projects. Because of projects, I am forced to get off my rear end and do something.

When I first started do-it-yourself projects I told myself it was because I was "cheap." Fresh out of college with a job in communications.... you do the math. But it turns out, I look forward to projects, to almost an obsessive level. {I realize I've been posting a lot of projects lately, but it's really what I've been up to.}

Currently, I'm waiting for manfriend to make a backboard for an amazing frame I found in the back room of an antique store.


Lauren {the new roomie} and I have huge plans to make this picture frame into a chalk board similar to this one I found at the shabbymcfabby Etsy Shop.  This one is listed for $148. However, I can make one myself with a large picture frame ($30) and chalk board spray paint ($8).

Our plans are to use our chalk board to track our Must See in OKC list. Each Wednesday we're going to visit a new, random place in the OKC Metro. (Have any suggestions??)

Is it cheap or just smart? Encouragment from others has landed me on the Dave Ramsey plan for life. And, by plan - I mean, the I mess up and buy shoes I shouldn't every now and then but then I get right back on my plan - plan.

Honestly, who cares about reasoning. Its fun. And, I find a little bit of pleasure trying to scrap paint off my nails while riding the elevator up to my downtown office.