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Yes, please.

My lovely roommate and I live in a little urban casa. For two years, this I've learned to call this house home. As the constant denominator in an evolving roommate door (I'm on my third roommate y'all. third.), I often  dream of the  someday when I own a house and can paint a few walls. Don't get me wrong, our urban casa is adorable. But, the red walls in the dining room hurt my heart every time I walk past them. For clarification. I feel as though I should explain the roommate situation.

  • Dallyn and I moved to Oklahoma City with dreams of conquering the world. After a year of shenanigans, she decided the west owned her heart and moved to plains of Northwest Oklahoma.
  • Lauren, one of the most amazing friends a girl could ever ask for, moved back to the magic that is College Station in pursuit of big hair, better career opportunities and cowboys.
  • Courtney and I met in church group not too long after she moved to Oklahoma from Tennessee. Living on the south side of OKC, it was clearly in her best interests to move into the little urban casa! She doesn't regret it. I mean, probably not?

Pinterest, the place of abandoned dreams and pinned items that will never see the light of day,  is not so different from the digital images that will never leave most memory cards. Sigh.

Each week, I waste spend 60 minutes pinning beautiful images while watching Army Wives. Having no direct connection to the Army nor marriage, it would only make sense I would take it one step further and pin things that I have no intentions seeing through.

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

Until, I saw this. Hello bedroom I covet. I love everything about this, honestly. The headboard, the detailed walls, the orange chair, the floors.

Thanks, Pinterest, for giving me ideas of purchasing a house. It would be completely understandable to purchase a house just so I could see this bedroom come to life, right?

Happy Orange Friday!

Psstt. Did you know Rural Gone Urban is on Facebook? I know, the cool kids are doing it... I've always wanted to be a cool kid.

Dreaming in Orange.

Can you keep a secret? The grocery store is terrifying. Every time I enter the nearest grocery store, my intentions are pure. Thoughts of quality meals and full stomachs fill my thoughts much like the fairies in fill Fern Gully dancing and fluttering to the music of the last rain forest. That was a little much, right? It was my favorite movie as a child. And the scene where Batty runs into the trees saying "red light... red light again," is exactly what goes through my head when I start to enter an aisle then realize it's the wrong one.

The aisles - they're so daunting.

I leave with the same cart full of products every time: turkey, bread, popsicles, orange juice, cereal, apples, oranges, tomatoes, pizza lunchable (1), and and a few boxes of whatever-type-of-Amys sounds delightful. That's all I need.

Honestly, I could almost promise you I'd step up my cooking game if someone else went to the store for me. It can't be that difficult. You know, now that pinterest is around.

If I had this tangerine KitchenAid stand mixer I would make all kinds of goodies. Who am I kidding? I'd make a year's supply of mashed potatoes and homemade ice cream. If that wasn't enough, it would be give me instant street cred just for occupying a spot on the counter.

Dream big.

Happy Orange Friday!

*In other news my roommate is an amazing cook... this is why I don't starve. The end.

These boots were made for me (& you.)

Rural Gone Urban hasn't hosted an Orange Friday in a while - and it's time to bring it back! As a Cowboy fan, orange always creeps into my life like a subliminal love affair trying to find it's way to the surface. These Orange Wing Cross Corral Boots would be perfect for tailgating season. Listed at $268, it's going to take a while to save up for these. But you better believe there is a line-item in my budget for these!

How do you put a little orange in your life?