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You get what you ask for.

A {wise} friend once said, if you pray for patience you don't become more patient - you will suddenly face a lot of challenges testing your patience, thus, teaching you patience. Touché.

On the mornings I drive to the office, I leave the radio off and focus on throwing up {figuratively} a few prayers. This Monday was no different.

Here's the thing. I was extremely thankful. Everything {in my life} has been going really wonderful. I'm on top of my budget, my friends are incredible, I've incorporated more volunteer hours in my schedule, the Cowboys are undefeated, I haven't fallen behind in my daily devotional - basically, things are rockin'.

So {paraphrasing} I thanked the Big Guy, for the blessings in my life and the opportunity to feel as though I was in control of things for the first time in years.

(this is where you insert laughter from the heavens)

Then -

My external hard drive crashed. (which stored every picture I've taken for work for the past 2 months. My computer wouldn't recognize video files. I realized I went over one of my budget areas (hello, food.)

Note: my skin became clammy, my right hand wouldn't stop shaking, and I thought I was going to become sick.

Then, I started laughing. How selfish could I be that this could ruin my day? There are people starving, who long for a place to call home, people who are so far in debt they can't see the light at the end of the tunnel - and here I am, having a mini panic attack.

One of my many, many quirks is that in times of stress - I often talk {out loud} myself down.

"Brooke, let's keep this in perspective. Everything is fine. The Geek Squad can recover the data, your computer is just moody, and managing a personal budget takes time."

Let's keep it in perspective.