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I Caved to the Chevron

Remember when DIY projects were my love language? When I poured over garage sales and antique stores like it was my job?

I’m bringing it back.

Mostly because I have a garage again.

A place to use power tools, get dirty— make messes.

During the past few years, I've had quite the relationship with these chairs. After my fever broke this weekend, I thought we could take it the next level. To a committed relationship: orange chevron.


Seemed right.

It must have felt right, because it took forever. Not because it was difficult, but because I was a stubbon sick kid who just needed to recover these chairs.

This room still has a long way to go before I'll introduce it to my parents. Baby steps.

ex oh.



Remember when I purchased this table?

And, then I tortured my roommate by spending way too many hours sanding, scraping, sanding, scraping, painting, staining, and sealing?

Because, I was determined to turn this table into something I would want to keep in our house. If Lauren had a nickel for everytime I said, "I cannot get attached to this table!" She could buy 3 rounds at Sonic happy hour. (The chair represents the "before" in the picture)

It's finnished!

What do you think?

It comes with 4 chairs and glass to cover the top.

Do you like it enough to buy it?

Seriously - it's for sale.

How you doin'?

Thanks to a few blogging friends I've recently become addicted to Pinterest. Pinterest is a website where you can pin images to boards dedicated to certain topics. It's basically a virtual bulletin board where you can organize your thoughts and see others' ideas.

I recently pinned this image to one of my boards, "Projects." It reminded me of a shabby chic version of the door from the television show Friends.

So what's a girl to do when she has a frame like this?

A frame that only cost a dollar.

Well, for starters - paint it turquoise.

Embellish it with black accents and top it off with a clear top coat.

And, hang it on the front door.

Garage Sale, Pinterest, Project.

I promise there is a reasonable explanation for this picture. First, I just got back from the farm and had yet to change out of my pajamas. Being an Indiana girl pre-transplant to Oklahoma, there doesn't really need to be an explanation for the shirt. The boots; however, need one.

I was tromping through the pasture and there was no way I was going to wear anything but boots out there - there are snakes out there! Don't believe me, read this post.

Soon after buying this dinning room {for $70!!} set I texted this picture to a few of my fellow social media friends. Crystal Cattle pointed me to recent pin to her Pinterest Board.

This is the goal for the new shabby chic table? What do you think?

Cheap or Smart?

Every summer of my life I've been outdoors. Whether is was playing in the sprinkler as teeny-human or building fence as a teenager - summers were for outside. However, when you grow up, you sit in an office from 8-5. And by "grow up," I mean when you work in an urban environment and your office is downtown. I've learned to combat this with one simple solution: projects. Because of projects, I am forced to get off my rear end and do something.

When I first started do-it-yourself projects I told myself it was because I was "cheap." Fresh out of college with a job in communications.... you do the math. But it turns out, I look forward to projects, to almost an obsessive level. {I realize I've been posting a lot of projects lately, but it's really what I've been up to.}

Currently, I'm waiting for manfriend to make a backboard for an amazing frame I found in the back room of an antique store.


Lauren {the new roomie} and I have huge plans to make this picture frame into a chalk board similar to this one I found at the shabbymcfabby Etsy Shop.  This one is listed for $148. However, I can make one myself with a large picture frame ($30) and chalk board spray paint ($8).

Our plans are to use our chalk board to track our Must See in OKC list. Each Wednesday we're going to visit a new, random place in the OKC Metro. (Have any suggestions??)

Is it cheap or just smart? Encouragment from others has landed me on the Dave Ramsey plan for life. And, by plan - I mean, the I mess up and buy shoes I shouldn't every now and then but then I get right back on my plan - plan.

Honestly, who cares about reasoning. Its fun. And, I find a little bit of pleasure trying to scrap paint off my nails while riding the elevator up to my downtown office.

Shabby Chic Table

I found this adorable table from the Shabby Chic Fairytale Esty shop. I fell in love and set out on a mission to a) buy it or b) find one just like it.

Fortunatly manfriend had a really similar one in the barn.

When we found it it was natural wood covered in a layer of dust and spider webs. I'm quickly becoming obsessed with high-quality spray paint.

Als0 - the flower lights were a TJMaxx find - only $12!

This is the other side of the couch. I'm not a designer - more of a modge podge of projects and boredness - but I really do think these masculine trunks equal out the feminine shabby chic table.

Project: Coffee Table

When I experienced trajedy for the first time as a child(read as: lost a loved one), I held on to anything that reminded me of this certain person. I even went as far as forbidding my grandma for getting rid a coffee table because it was his. Last fall, my grandma decided after a few thousand years - it was time I claimed the coffee table.

This table, in all of its early 90s glory  stored a pleathera of my games: monopoly, chutes-and-ladders and even a few trolls. Obviously, my taste is not the same as my 6-year old self, so I've had this table sitting around for a few months trying to decide what to do with it. I mean, I love the 90's - but this coffee table wasn't one if it's better pieces.

The good thing is that recently I have developed a need for projects. I refuse to pay full price for furniture and furniture that you can make your own seems more personal anyhow.

Here's a look at the coffee table as it sits in the living room. I love how the country chic coffee table contrasts from the cow hide. (I brought the cow hide  home from a trip to Argentina.)

Although I'm still really new at refinnishing furniture - I didn't think it turned out that bad.

I first sanded down the not-so-real-wood and applied multipe light coats of egg-shell white paint. I followed this by using a dry brush to add a little bit of turqouise around the details. The old-school nobs were coated with a light layer of black spray paint.

What do you think?

It happened.

My sister recently said to me, "everyone thinks Will {my little, her big - brother.}  has a lot of money." Without even thinking about it I replied, "of course he does. He doesn't pay rent, buy groceries, pay the electric bill, pay for insurance."

Man, I wish I was 16.

I think this conversation is going to repeat it's self frequently thoughout the next several years. My response will change ever so slightly. "Of course he does, he's not paying into college funds, paying for kids, scheduling doctor appointments, buying school supplies."

On second thought. I'm cool with being a solid twenty-something. Right in the middle of not-paying bills and paying too many bills.

On another note. I'm really getting into this whole do-it-yourself thing. I found this table in my mom's barn. She [and my aunts] love to find bargains.

 The only thing wrong about this table was [beside the solid layer of dirt ] they mod podged leaf stickers. I'm still uncertain in what century this was a cool thing to do.

This is still a work-in-progress. I'm going to destress it a bit. And, yes, I took the easy way out and used spray paint. [High quality spray paint]

Planted a few flowers, too. If you remember back to last year this probably means we're about to encounter a hail storm. Knock on wood.