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Carrying an Umbrella.

A few summers ago I heard a sermon that has stuck with me, often resurfacing when I need it most.

“If you’re going to pray for rain, carry an umbrella.”

Such a simple concept: pray for rain, expect rain. Have so much faith that when it happens you don’t ask “can you believe this?” you simply say, “thank you.”

Sure, this can be taken in so many directions, but for today, let's keep it literal.

You should know I carry an umbrella in my car and have rain boots by my desk at all times. I’m praying for rain for our crops and livestock. The skies may be hazy with dust from the western part of our state, but I’m praying, umbrella in hand.


Christmas [Rain] Music.

If there's one constant in life it's that Christmas music begins a little sooner than the previous year. By the time Christmas rolls around - we've heard so many versions of Silent Night it begins to take over out subconscious. I think there's a way we can take this idea and turn into something useful.

What about rain songs? I've been "rain dancing" for days now and it's just not cutting it. It's time to dust off those playlists, readers and creepers, let's get to makin' in rain.

Here's a few of my favorites if you need a little help making your playlist:






Thanks for playing. Oklahoma Farmer's and Ranchers appreciate it. Oh, and us little urban flower gardeners, too.

Who am I to complain?

Once, for a short period of time, I had a green thumb.

I kept this little diddy alive for a whole 2 months.

These guys are still alive - barely.

These - goners.

Last night I ripped out the lifeless plants that crumbled between my fingers.

We {Oklahoma} are in a drought.

For me - in my little urban casa, this means if you leave for a weekend when you return your flowers will be dead.

It means all my hard work planting, watering, weeding... well, is gone. I laughed as I was pulling the plants and thought, "too bad there isn't crop insurance for my urban flowers."


In the grand scheme of things, my flowers don't make a microdent in the impact the weather is making in the agricultural industry. This drought or "The Great Drought of 2011" as some are calling it is  affecting 14 states from Florida to Arizona. This is big time.

It means the pastures where the cattle graze on our farm - is burning up.

Who am I to complain about a few measly little flowers?

For the record - Oklahoma City thankfully accepted rain today.

Not a bad urban view, huh?