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Student Union for Adults

When you get in your not-mid but not-early-yet-either twenties, you start to look around and see who your real friends are. It's not some epic event that happens, and it doesn't just happen to a few people - it's just part of life.

I have this friend, Jenna. & She's pretty awesome. She was my first friend outside of my cousin realm. Which, is a really big deal when you're the only girl in a house full of boy cousins.

By the way - can someone please appreciate those turqouise pants I'm wearing in this throwback picture?

We {Jenna and I}  talk on the phone every few weeks and when I happen to make it back to the 317 we always, always, meet up for a trip to the outlet mall and/or lunch.

During my Easter trip 'back home,' Jenna took me to the cutest place - with this blog in mind! The Cafe Patachou in Carmel, Indiana, is uh-mazing.  It's the 'Student Union for Adults.' For the record: I can get on board with that.

The chalk board wall was right up my newly urban alley. We need one of these in Oklahoma City. I pinky-promise I'll go atleast twice a week for lunch.

It's apparently where the cool kids go. Thanks, Jenna, for letting me be a cool kid!

Tuesday I joined in on a twitter #foodchat session. To one of the questions I replied I let my pocketbook and my tummy decide where I'm going to eat. This place is deffinetly somewhere I want to eat.

On my next trip back we're going to have to work on our picture taking skills. Because this Wilson-Wilson picture just isn't cutting it, Jenna!

The lunchbox.

Recently, I was asked what someone does for fun in OKC. My knee-jerk reaction, "eat?" I'm as guilty as the next gal when it comes to entertainment. It seems our plans revolve around food.

So - why not blog about it?

Usually, I'm pretty good about bringing my lunch to work. However, there are the occasions I spring for lunch with Dallyn or fend for myself.

On the latter, I have a go-to.

Johnny's Lunch Box is my absolute favorite. The price is perfect [under $10] and the food is great.

This is a no-frills establishment with a handwritten "reserved" seat for the regulars. It's a throwback to the small-town atmosphere.

My go-to is the Meatball and Parmesan sandwich with macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes for sides.

I haven't gone to the back to see who is in the kitchen. But, I'm pretty sure it's someone's grandma. And, she's using hand-me-down recipes.