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Mumford & Sons.

The one earthly constant we have in this life is music. Whether you choose to acknowledge its influence in our lives, it’s there. It’s weaving through our adolescence, college years and as we transition into a life meant for adults - when we feel much like children playing dress up. MumfordandSons

Standing in the middle of sold-out amphitheater in South Carolina, my heart was exploding with being in the moment.

This is going to win all the awards in the gross/PDA/affection category, but… T continually knocks my breath away with his ability to be in the moment. We should all seek to be this way: live in the now.

T bought tickets to Mumford and Sons ages ago, but this week he’s deep in the heart of Texas. So with the help of a lovely friend/co-worker, this Wednesday became girls’ night in a pasture. (Seriously, I’m pretty sure it used to be a pasture – possibly still is.)

My heart swooned over the lyrics, the atmosphere, the low-hanging moon and the handsome English accents. Erin wasn’t so bad herself.

I attempted to take a few videos to share with T - but then I absolutely heard his voice telling me to "put my phone away." (Happens a lot, man.)


Yesterday, I was at the office by 6 a.m. and had a working lunch meeting. When the clock struck 5:30, I was ready to head home - put on my pajamas and watch a few thousand episodes of The Golden Girls.


I'm so glad I didn't. I choose to live life so hard I forget I'm tired.

The view from Death Valley.

If you haven’t figured it out by now the guy I’m attempting to lock it up with is a sportswriter: a handsome, southern sportswriter. Read as: he travels frequently. Football coincides with harvest so it’s not like a whole lot is changing in life. [rural vs urban – par.] A few weekends a year I’m the Robin to his Batman and tag along for Gameday. Sort of.

For a few weeks, T has been preparing me for my first southern game. Obviously, my knee-jerk reaction was, “I gave up season tickets for you, man. I get it.”


We rolled into Clemson (s, not z) Friday night. A land grant university sporting a dimmer shade of orange greeted us with grain silos, pickup trucks and excessive amount of camo. My heart reassures me we do not condone such atrocities in Stillwater, but I’m quite certain it’s wrong. I felt at home.

Tailgating combines everything I enjoy about life: camaraderie, barbecue, loud noises and old-fashioned fun. It’s astonishing to most that I cannot recite college football stats. It’s just, well, I enjoy the tailgating, folks. I enjoy “Here Comes Bullet,” Clowney hits and an occasional round of flip cup.

Here’s the deal. My tailgating escapades outside of Boone Pickens are limited to College Station, Lubbock, The Fiesta Bowl, The Cotton Bowl and Norman – and, you win, Clemson.

The sheer number of tailgaters who brought their A-game for such an exciting matchup was impressive. For comparison, Pokes, triple Bedlam and we might have a chance.

Death Valley is amazing. My seat in the west end zone gave me quite the view. Pre-game Opening ceremonies were impressive. [Watch: ESPN video - Clemson's Dramatic Stadium Entrance Will Give You CHILLS] The Hill, fireworks, band balloons. Initially, I assumed this was just for a big game. According to my source, this is just a typical pre-game.

ESPN's video didn't capture the Georgia flags. What's pomp and circumstance without a little flavor from the opposition?


This is my last sidekick game until November, folks. Anyone need a +1?

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm in dire need of a hot yoga class and a nap.

Road trip

The past few days have been a whirlwind. Driving all day to make it to my grandpa's funeral to get in the car and drive back again. I-70 and I have a love/hate relationship. Emotions, things I'm not particularly fond of, have got the best of me and I'm mentally exhausted.

However, I woke up last night and it occurred to me: The Bloggess' book comes out today! Pre-ordering that book months ago turned out to be a great decision.


Only 4 percent into the book, I'm laughing so hard I didn't even notice the tears running down my cheek.

Little sister: what's so funny? Me: She's funny, and she says stuff I say everyday! This clearly means I'm hilarious. Little: or depressed?

Obviously, I should have considered the way I described The Bloggess' blog.

Also, stop judging my book choices. It's rude.