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Pomeranian Has Better Summer Than You

Molly, the 10-year-old Pomeranian, had a better summer than you.

Some people dream of summers like this and she just lived it like she's been there before. 


Starting her summer in Tulsa, Molly kicked off the summer with snow cones and pool days. Because, why wouldn't you? 


She packed her bags, pointed the car west, and slept through her shotgun obligations like a true veteran. 


The happiest tourist at the Cadillac Ranch.


Locked up a 72 oz. breakfast.


Kept her head on a swivel in Alberquerque. 


Learned a lot at the Petrifed Forest National Park. 


Ate more Sonic ice than the average Pomeranian. 


Drove miles and miles around the Phoenix valley.


Howeled at the moon in the Tonto National Forest. 


Survived one of the hottest weeks in Phoenix history. 


Slept through a beautiful drive through Utah.


Watched a Colordo sunset. 


Fell in love with Colorado.


Climbed to the top - and back down - of a Colorado waterfall. 


Ran super fast to the water in Dillon until she realized it was super cold.


Came back to Tulsa, because tiny humans love her. And she loves the tiny humans.


And, finally made it back to Perkins, Okla., to hang with her tribe.

Observations, by Brooke.

Things I know for certain: I love road trips, boys are strange creatures, it's possible for me to not hate mornings, and traveling with boys is a lot better than traveling with girls. It should be stated, I really did think twice about hopping in a car with three boys before traveling from Oklahoma to Arizona. Let's get real here. Would I really want them to know how grumpy I can be in the mornings? Or, how awful I look without a few coats of mascara? (really, not a pretty sight.)

Sure, Sam pretended to lock the keys in the car in the middle of New Mexico giving me a slight heart attack. And, maybe I pretended to know what the boys were talking about when they determined the speed of a wind turbine by averaging the ..... well, does it really matter?

And, maybe they felt their stomachs drop when I took the wheel, but, I've never been around a group of guys who were so funny, yet polite; ornery, yet brilliantly respectful. Also, I hope they're reading this post and correcting my grammar.

Girls, only one of these boys is taken. They're a hot commodity, you should get them before someone else takes them off the market! Really. I'm being serious.

Thanks, guys, for an awesome weekend!