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Workin' on my Fitness.

About 40 days ago I made a few life changes. No, I haven't done anything drastic like get a new puppy, but it's almost as cool. On the  hottest day of August I started CrossFit and made the decision to do things the hard way: gym, real food and good choices. The scale has found a nice little spot in the garage and instead focusing on a number on the scale I'm going with the results of the measuring tape. And, there are results. The results only make me want to work harder and  hit snooze one less time in the 5 o'clocks.

For the sake of entertainment, Courtney and I have dusted off our Schwinn roller blades and put the wheels to pavement for a few miles each week. Combine this with a few hot yoga classes and kick-your-rear Crossfit classes and you have yourself a recipe for crashing in the 9 o'clocks.

Look at those girls up and at 'em on a Saturday morning. If there's one thing I recognize about myself it's that I despise running. I just don't like it, that's all. With that said, I ran the Pistol Pete 5k this past weekend in a decent time and didn't feel like I was dying. A Christmas miracle!

Maybe I'm crazy, but I've signed up for two more races this fall (Boo Boo Dash and the Race for the Cure). I haven't felt this good about working out and such since high school. I mean, it wasn't that long ago.

Over & out.