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So you want to be a social media manager

A college student recently posed questions about the journey to my current position for a class project, and until she asked it never occurred to me how random – yet planned – this journey has been.

On location at G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park as the  Chickasaw Country travel writer  and social media manager. 

On location at G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park as the Chickasaw Country travel writer and social media manager. 

Isn’t it too early to ask me about how I got here? I’m not really anywhere, yet. I have, however, found a position I really, really love in an industry fueling my passion in agriculture and food. Hashtag blessed.

I just took the Drake approach, triple pound.

Huh?  A translation:

AUSTIN – Brooke Haney started from the bottom much like Canadian rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham.

If you want to be a social media manager, a few tips:

1) Build your own brand. 

Hiring managers want to know you’re interesting and capable enough to build a community from a brand lacking name recognition.

That’s what I want to know, at least. If I, for example, tasked you with building a voice and community around a drywall company, I’ll expect you can make it happen. I want to know you’re hard working, deeply creative and the perfect combination of abstract-random and OCD.

2) Seek clients, not agencies.

Use search engines to your advantage and find brands you want spend your nights and weekends with – because you will, in fact, work nights, weekends and holidays.

Disclaimer: Eventually you’ll want to find the Cinderella of all companies to return your glass slipper, but when you’re first starting wouldn’t you want to see the genius behind the Roaming Gnome or Taco Bell’s tweets.

3) Be a sponge.

Video shoot with National Gypsum's  Ask for PURPLE campaign  featuring DIY Network's Anitra Mecadon. 

Video shoot with National Gypsum's Ask for PURPLE campaign featuring DIY Network's Anitra Mecadon. 

During the past 12 months, I’ve worked with teams pertaining the following topics: tourism, craft beer, drywall, college football, commerce, sustainable gardening, animal nutrition, animal care, food, soybeans, probiotics, animal genetics, vector control, crop science and advocacy.You never know when you may need life experience to help you in your day job.

4. Familiarize yourself with all forms of communication.

There’s a story about a professor who filled a jar full of rocks, then sand, then water. Go ahead, google it.

Rocks: PR, magazines, commercials, billboards, books...

Sand: websites, banner ads…

Water: social media…

Ensure your résumé (or LinkedIn profile) doesn’t categorize you before you’re ready to be categorized. For me, I followed opportunities in search of creative solutions, which is probably why I did well in that math functions course in college (also known as fun with numbers).

If you’re the type of human who considers “what if” or “why not” or is determined to figure it out. Well, you’re basically my favorite type of human.

If you’re interested in digital and social media, I’m here for you. If I can’t answer your questions, I can find someone who can.



I was Lamar'd again this week. It's a simple concept that brings joy into my life. For fun, I thought I'd share with you a few of my tweets that have made the billboard. And, yes, I have included a tweet from the Oklahoma Pork Council. Why? Well, I was the girl behind the keyboard when that tweet garnered a little earned media. 

C'mon down! Winners | Surprises | Social Media

Today is the day I promised I would announce the first Rural Gone Urban giveaway winner {and make a life-changing announcement}. I'm literally high on life today. I'm at the Ag Chat Foundation Conference 2.0 in Nashville. [also known as NashVegas]. Surrounded by nerds, a plethora of macbooks, ipads, smartphones, dumbphones and a crowd of marketers who understand the importance and significance of using social media platforms in strategic marketing.

To my left and right are individuals who understand connecting through social media and utilizing journalism through these platforms. Jodi (twitter, blog) and I [among many, many others] took nerd to a whole new level.

Winner Whew. Winners. So, I decided to introduce old-school methods into selecting winners of the giveaway. I put each entry into a empty purse and drew a winner.

Really, I did.

The winner?? Kathy Houret!

Send me a DM and we'll get you set up with your new Southerne Indifference necklace!

Same City, New adventure Sometimes life offers you new opportunities.

Opportunities you're not looking for, but opportunities that are so intriguing, you'd be remiss if you didn't allow yourself to explore a new path that will ultimately lead you on a path that more closely aligns with your {20-something-year-old-self's} career goals.

If you're not already picking up what I'm putting on the table. I'll lay it out there. I'm leaving my current position and moving on to a PR firm in Oklahoma City to work as a Travel Blogger and eCommunity manager.

Whew. That was really difficult for me to put out there.

Changes are scary, exciting, and invigorating.

I'll keep you posted! :-)

** Note: Picture by Brent Boersma (Twitter, Blog)

Garage Sale, Pinterest, Project.

I promise there is a reasonable explanation for this picture. First, I just got back from the farm and had yet to change out of my pajamas. Being an Indiana girl pre-transplant to Oklahoma, there doesn't really need to be an explanation for the shirt. The boots; however, need one.

I was tromping through the pasture and there was no way I was going to wear anything but boots out there - there are snakes out there! Don't believe me, read this post.

Soon after buying this dinning room {for $70!!} set I texted this picture to a few of my fellow social media friends. Crystal Cattle pointed me to recent pin to her Pinterest Board.

This is the goal for the new shabby chic table? What do you think?

They don't teach you this in college

1. You can't charge stuff to your BURSAR. Even parking tickets. There is no BURSAR. However, the BURSAR will contact you about a ticket they just caught you on camera for - from 2 years ago. You still have to pay it. 2. You don't find out about clubs from the O'colly. Or the Listserv. You have to network and use twitter.

3. That picture your roommate posted freshman year, that you untagged is still out there. And, when you want to apply to be a volunteer - they'll find it on your background check.

4. Your friends are more important than your job or the newest iphone. You're going to drive a box, to work in a box, and stare at a box, check texts on the tiny box - but what matters is who is there for you when you leave the box. Work to live - don't live to work.

5. Drama is going to follow you if you let it. So don't. In college, you probably said/say "I can't wait until all this drama is over." It's not college where the drama is. Drama can be anywhere you let it be. So just don't let it be anywhere.

6. You're not going to know how to do your job well right off the bat. They taught theory in college; therefore, teach yourself.

7. No one looks at your transcript. No one cares what your grades are. Well, unless you're an Engineer. {then they might}

8. Life after college is hard. But, so is starving in a third-world country. Keep it in perspective.

9. Don't whine on facebook. Or twitter. It makes you look like a loser. & No one hires losers.

10. Stop worrying so much - you're going to get wrinkles! Seriously. You're old now.