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Thanks, Twitter.

Things my parents will never understand::

That girl on the right, you know.. Lindsay. Well, when I moved to OKC (two entire years ago.) I talked to her on twitter. I knew who she was... because of a social media. I bet if you told me then that she'd be my partner in turtle-saving-heroism I would have believed you. Seriously, it just makes sense.

Then, that girl on the left, you know... Marek, started working where I work. She has the best job in the world, cleary. Everyday she gets to witness first-hand my awkward dance parties and ridiculous chain of thought. And, well, she's not so bad herself.

Well, Lindsay and Marek are real-life friends. And happen to be friends with ... well, different post for a different day.

Anyway. I believe twitter made it possible that I had the most spectacular Friday night, watching softball (not to overlook Marek's battle scars.), drinking wine, and making plans of paddle-boating on the river.

Twitter, thanks. You're sort of awesome.