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Immediate Care Center for Calves

After speaking about personal branding through social media in a few classes at Oklahoma State last week, I swung by my parent's house. In college I found it incredibly annoying my hometown was only 10 miles from campus. Now, I find it amazingly convenient. Tailgate, enjoy a game and not worry about a place to crash? That's clearly a win. Well, unless you don't live in Oklahoma anymore.

Lucky II

Anyway. When I arrived at home, my little sister looked at me with her baby blue eyes and said, "will you feed the bottle calf?" Nope.

It was cold outside!

I responded, "If you get my Carharts out of my car (Yes, they're always in my car) I will." Little sister set a personal record. House - Car - House in .009 seconds.

WInter is rough, man.

Poor little guy was all Bambi and the frozen pond scene. Little Sister calls him Lucky II.


When we were little we had Lucky. He was born in a really bad storm, got stuck in the mud and broke his leg. So, we raised him .... like a dog. Sort of. Every now and then he would get out of his pen and we'd find him lounging in the yard with the dogs.

Thankfully, we lived on rural route three out past where the black top ends. Kix and Ronnie have nothing on my childhood.

If you keep your eye on the news you know we've had some fun weather in Oklahoma this week. Although it skipped Oklahoma City, a lot of the state had some serious weather drama.

Today, my dad posted this on Facebook:

Immediate care center at Clay Ranch. Thankful for the moisture, but mother nature was hard on the little guys. Lost 3 to sleet and snow. Maybe these will pull through with a little TLC.


They look so cozy in the horse barn! And, hungry. And, cold.

That's it. I'm going home. I'm going to name them and give them kisses. At least one of them will forever be known as Oliver.