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I've got nothing.

I need some new material. I have nothing funny to write {blog} about.

Also, what did we do before iPhones? Every picture from the past 12 months has been from my trusty smart phone. Granted, I have three point-and-shoot cameras that could easily be taken anywhere. That's too difficult.

It's impossible to send an image of my dreadfully awkward face, while wearing a tacky-Christmas-sweater, while driving my grandma's legit mazda, and send it to friends who are acting like grinches on Christmas eve.

Really, some people act like grinches on Christmas eve - can you believe that?

Back to the sweater vest. I walked into Christmas #2, wearing this lovely ensemble. Immediately, my aunts got it. They laughed, giggled, snorted a few times.

See, if people focus on the humor - they don't focus on the tiny-humans I don't have. It's pure genius.

However, my grandmother, complimented my outfit, and followed up with, "Sometimes I just don't know what you wear - but, this just really looks good on you. It's very conservative." And, that's wear the new tradition of Christmas Sangria came into play.

Also - what happened to my litter sister?? She's all grown up or something. How do we make that natural progression halt? forever.