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I've got nothing.

I need some new material. I have nothing funny to write {blog} about.

Also, what did we do before iPhones? Every picture from the past 12 months has been from my trusty smart phone. Granted, I have three point-and-shoot cameras that could easily be taken anywhere. That's too difficult.

It's impossible to send an image of my dreadfully awkward face, while wearing a tacky-Christmas-sweater, while driving my grandma's legit mazda, and send it to friends who are acting like grinches on Christmas eve.

Really, some people act like grinches on Christmas eve - can you believe that?

Back to the sweater vest. I walked into Christmas #2, wearing this lovely ensemble. Immediately, my aunts got it. They laughed, giggled, snorted a few times.

See, if people focus on the humor - they don't focus on the tiny-humans I don't have. It's pure genius.

However, my grandmother, complimented my outfit, and followed up with, "Sometimes I just don't know what you wear - but, this just really looks good on you. It's very conservative." And, that's wear the new tradition of Christmas Sangria came into play.

Also - what happened to my litter sister?? She's all grown up or something. How do we make that natural progression halt? forever. 


Tacky Christmas.

Halloween is over and it's time to start planning my tacky Christmas outfit. If you're not excited about this, you can take your un-excited rear end back to Scroogeville. I found this little diddy on Pinterest and after the initial, "awwwwwwl," I snapped back to reality and had the best idea.

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest



I can make this in a grown up version and have the best costume - ever.

What do you think? Can I pull this off?