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If everyone else read theSkimm, would you read it too?
Of course the Molly has beed featured. She needs her diva light to shine hard.

Of course the Molly has beed featured. She needs her diva light to shine hard.

The news is exhausting. 

And there’s a lot of it. I don’t know about your life, but mine is overflowing with responsibilities. With a career in an ever-changing industry, I’m constantly absorbing information and lack time – or will – to read national or international headlines. 

Insert theSkimm.

theSkimm is a daily email that brings you everything you could possibly need to survive a day as a human. No need to smile politely and nod while someone talks about a conflict in a country you’ve never heard of. 

More than that, to this girl still in her twenties, it's empowering knowing two girls in their twenties  one from Chicago and the other in New York —  who have a passion for news launched theSkimm on nothing more than guts and wine. 

This supports my golden rule: thou shall always keep wine on hand. 

Skimmers love Tim Riggins. As do I. 

Skimmers love Tim Riggins. As do I. 

Wine supports creativity!

Bottom line: theSkimm team reads everything they can get their hands on and breaks it down with fresh editorial content. Not only do they bring it to you, but they keep it like Switzerland.

If you’re down for witty, irreverent copy, you’re going to love this more than Ralphie could ever love that Red Ryder BB gun. 

Confession: If this was a pyramid scheme I’d be all over your Facebook timelines. “I’m placing an order at 5!!! GET YOUR ORDERS IN!” “Body by Vi/Scentsy/R+F/Wraps/theSkimm WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!”

It’s not a scheme. It’s just a daily email making you look smarter. 

Check out today's Skimm and see for yourself. (You should probably look at the birthday list.) 

Because of my love for theSkimm, I have been added to the elusive list of Skimm'bassadors. All this means is I've forwarded my emails on to so many people I've become an ambassador of sorts. It's like a club - with wine. A wine club! For those of you (if any) who happen to be in Austin, the ATX Skimmers are meeting up on Wednesday (Join the Facebook event). 

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this is not an ad.

TheSkimm did not pay for this post. However, if they’re interested in compensating me for this artistic, creative piece of content I will gladly accept payment in the form of Torchy’s Tacos.