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How you doin'?

Thanks to a few blogging friends I've recently become addicted to Pinterest. Pinterest is a website where you can pin images to boards dedicated to certain topics. It's basically a virtual bulletin board where you can organize your thoughts and see others' ideas.

I recently pinned this image to one of my boards, "Projects." It reminded me of a shabby chic version of the door from the television show Friends.

So what's a girl to do when she has a frame like this?

A frame that only cost a dollar.

Well, for starters - paint it turquoise.

Embellish it with black accents and top it off with a clear top coat.

And, hang it on the front door.

Garage Sale, Pinterest, Project.

I promise there is a reasonable explanation for this picture. First, I just got back from the farm and had yet to change out of my pajamas. Being an Indiana girl pre-transplant to Oklahoma, there doesn't really need to be an explanation for the shirt. The boots; however, need one.

I was tromping through the pasture and there was no way I was going to wear anything but boots out there - there are snakes out there! Don't believe me, read this post.

Soon after buying this dinning room {for $70!!} set I texted this picture to a few of my fellow social media friends. Crystal Cattle pointed me to recent pin to her Pinterest Board.

This is the goal for the new shabby chic table? What do you think?