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I met Dana while serving time in North Carolina and can soundly say everyone needs a Dana Boone in their life. She's the kind of girl who will say "yes" to any adventure and will bring a bag of pizza rolls to girls' night. If anyone could possibly be my spirit animal - it's Dana.

In fact, before I left the 704 Dana helped me use my birthday gift certificate to the Spa at the Grove Park Inn. Related: everyone should chase massages with pizza and beer.

For new professionals - urban or rural - expanding your wine pallet on a budget can be difficult. When Rural Gone Urban got its start I often sipped my box wine from a Joe's cup while solving life's problems on my urban front porch. I wanted to be a wine person, but it was too intimidating.

Wine people can be so snooty, amiright? Fancy words for wine that tastes like dirt. Why can't they [the people reviewing the wine] just keep it real?

Insert Dana Boone.

Here's the deal. Dana is blogging at the Willing Wino with relatable reviews. With her permission, I've reposted her latest review.

I took Xo, G to the beach to see how the patented plastic pods hold up in a variety of situations. These suckers are stuck together, so I wouldn't recommend opening them say.... while you're on a balcony that they could go flying over when they finally pop apart and the force of the uncoupling surprises you into letting go.

These single serve pods come in Pinot Grigio, Rosé, Pinot Noir and a mixed bunch that gives you both of the Pinots in one. Basically, the whole collection is about offering light wines (at a decent price point) that you can enjoy without skunking the whole bottle if you can't finish it in one sitting.

Since creating this video, I did find vague winery/vineyard information on the website. There's still no timing, but the vineyard is listed as being in the "Soave growing region of Verona." So, there you go.

- Dana

dana's three promises to her readers

1. She will never lie to you when it comes to taste. If a wine was "gifted" but "tastes like skunked butt, it tastes like skunked butt."

2. She will always put her reviews in the simplest terms possible. instead of using descriptions like "complex and earthy," she'll try to frame it as "tastes a lot like a sour patch kid that fell in the dirt."

3. She will never turn down free wine. 

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