Digital strategist who dabbles in print

We’re teaching skills a mile wide and an inch deep
— I'm pretty sure a professor told me this once.

While studying agricultural communications at Oklahoma State, we were taught the basics of all the things so that when we ventured into the world of adulting we would be familiar with all the things for small agricultural organizations with hilariously small budgets.

While my career evolved into managing projects for global accounts and specializing in digital strategy, my passion for creating things never dwindled.

I'm certain this is why my free time is packed with furniture restoration, crafts and playing around in the kitchen. (and Hulu, because a liar I am not.)


Naturally, I turned into a real-life heart-eyes emoji when Payne Co. Stockyards requested a flier for their special cow sale.

Absolutely, I'd love to make something for print that's not my little sister's bridal shower invitation.

Seriously, I'd love to.