Steven Sharp Memorial Fund and Golf Tournament

In sixth grade my locker was directly above a girl named Stephanie's. She was only a semester newer than myself, and, as the new girls, we stuck together as we conquered all the awkward middle school had to offer.

It's as if my guardian angel hand selected my best friend.

Naively, I assumed - through most of my life - everyone gets their ride-or-die-and-stop-for-snacks friend at the ripe old age of 11.

With her I gained a whole herd of folks: her parents and her six siblings.

Her dad was a lot like mine and the complete opposite of mine at the same time. Both of few words, quiet and as loyal as they come I knew if I couldn't call my dad ... I could call Steve.

In 2013, a tragic accident took Steve from this earth. As a new resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, it was the first moment I felt the gravity of not being present in the precious moments your friends and family need you most.

In his wake, Steve left a family who knew the best way to honor such a tremendous man was to give back to the very community he loved most.

Steven Sharp Memorial Fund

Awarding local student-athletes who dream of pursing a higher education scholarships to offset the financial burden of tuition and fees was a natural fit to honor a man who spent more man hours supporting local sports that most people in the community. 

To support this initiative the Steven Sharp Memorial Golf Tournament was born.

The New Brand

Simple, clean and user friendly was the name of the game for this branding initiative.

Bottom line: the logo should represent the event, the website should allow for simple registration, print materials should be "cooler than the other fliers," and the Facebook should match.

Challenge accepted.