5 Ways to Win Back Creativity

It wasn’t an accident art, PE, and music were intertwined into grade school. Moving and creating gave our minds a beat to recharge before diving into various subjects.

Replace math, reading and science with the daily grind and it’s no wonder we’re often exhausted at closing time.

We’re all creatives dimmed by our routines. While we’re hanging on life’s monkey bars reaching for the next moment of stillness, we’re holding back our potential. Creativity is the catalyst for distancing yourself from your competition. When tapped, creativity enhances your productivity.

How do you get it back?

1. Intentional following

Whether you’re a creeper or a serial poster, find inspiration in aesthetically-pleasing social accounts. Strong photography will give you a new perspective you’re not getting from your current circle.

2. Make your 10k steps count

Walk away from your screen, leave your phone at home, and take your new kicks outside. You’re a smart human. Driving in a box, to work in a box to stare at a box all day is not going to spur new ideas.


3. Read well

Pick up a classic, a guilty pleasure, or a new genre. A good book can expand your vocabulary or teach you a new way to turn a phrase in a way a Netflix binge cannot.

4. Create something with your hands

Give your side table a makeover, take a flower design classlearn brush lettering. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re creating.

5. Drop the beat: listen to a record from start-to-finish 

In an on-demand music world, we’ve lost the magic of waiting for your favorite song on the daily countdown. 

If you’re looking for suggestions, drop the Jurassic Park soundtrack on the record player and thank me later.