Brooke Clay, Consultant

I did it.

I left my stable, exciting, perfect, corporate job to pursue my dreams of collaborating directly with the movers and shakers of the food and agricultural industries.

My DNA is comprised of a long line of entrepreneurs: farmers, stylists, ranchers, electricians, excavators, and creatives. I was made for this.

With a master's degree in international agriculture and experience with national and global consumer, agriculture, and non-profit brands, I’m uniquely qualified to work with a diverse client base. 

“So what do you do?”

I’m a digital strategist, influencer connector and a scratch social media manager. This means, on a small scale, I can create an online presence for your small- or medium-sized business (Squarespace site development, copy, fresh content management), and on a large scale, I can work with your corporate communications team to strategize your digital campaigns, lead influencer programs and train employees.

Bottom line: my experience serves as the catalyst to help you do your job more effectively. I’ve worked with global brands on highly-sensitive and regulated accounts and can serve as the training bridge for new talent.

I work smart, creatively, and efficiently, and I want to work with you.