Plan for Rain, Carry an Umbrella

Imagine, for a moment, you’re in the midst of wedding planning. The pins have been pinned, the photographer’s deposit has cleared and you’re in the home stretch. You’ve secured the perfect outdoor venue overlooking a historic Oklahoma town facing what you’re hoping to be a historic Oklahoma sunset. Except, there’s now rain in the 10-day forecast.

It’s okay, though, because you have a contingency plan. You have a safe place for guests in the instance Gary England starts live-tweeting play-by-plays from retirement, and a roof in case you’ve locked up the free ring from BC Clark.

It’s ridiculous to think you’d plan an Oklahoma outdoor wedding sans backup plan, so why would you launch a digital presence without one?

Before you launch your Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest account, let’s work together to ensure you:

  • Have a solid understanding of platform best practices (posting frequency, content types)

  • Tailor brand guidelines (voice, tone) to respective social platforms

  • Identify your target audience

  • Establish success benchmarks (click-thrus, engagement rates, sentiment)

  • Identify frequently asked questions and issue experts

  • Plan for all potential crisis and establish necessary processes

  • Create a unique, engaging content plan