Lindsay Schnell

It's impossible to predict the impact a person will make in your life. How could you, really?

The first time I met Lindsay, she stopped for a quick hello as she rushed through a hotel lobby wearing a dress I'm still coveting to this day. It was clear, in that brief encounter, as she stood out in a sea of golf shirts and and awful sports coats, she was the kind of human you wanted to know.

In the past two years our friendship has evolved from "is this neon orange pencil skirt OK to wear to my first day to work?" mirror selfies to an honest, supportive, real friendship. I look to her not only as my fashion adviser, but also as an example of hustle and creativity. Simply: she's a tremendous human. 

When Lindsay's career took hard right I asked, "what can I do to help?"

Introducing: Lindsay Schnell dot com