Presented by a coalition of professional women representing various interests in the agriculture industry who desire to give young women the tools for effective communication about science, technology, agriculture, and food; the support to succeed as professionally; and, the inspiration to live the agriculture lifestyle with passion and purpose.

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Rural Gone Urban and Rural Revival, two rural-raised, women-owned businesses, are not only focused on telling the story, but they’re also focused on empowering others to tell their own story.

Every day, we meet people who are doing amazing things in and for rural communities, and we know we’ve just scratched the surface. It's our goal that by recognizing and celebrating hard-working Ruralists for their ceaseless and resilient impact in their communities, we can inspire others to begin sharing their stories and becoming their own catalyst for change.


As consumer confusion continues to swell, it’s important rural influencers connect with their urban constituents.

However, curating an online community is a time consuming task that takes away from farming, ranching and family obligations.

The Rural Influencer Project will arm participants with the skills to transform digital brand into a profitable business resulting in brand credibility and the financial freedom to allocate time to your craft.

This is not your typical blogger retreat. Throw your classroom settings and blogging 101 courses to the wayside. This intimate, discussion-focused retreat will allow rural tastemakers to connect with influential brands, industry professionals and similar content creators. By sharing each other’s vast knowledge and experience, participants will gain skills, tools, and confidence to elevate their communities and thrive as entrepreneurs.