before thirty

With consistent travel for work or to visit friends/family the times in between feel more like catching up than intentional living. A really solid friend said recently, "if you can't take care of yourself how can you take care of anyone else?" Mic drop. You're right. I can't. 

I looked at my list titled Before Thirty, because if we're being honest we're getting close to the fourth quarter. Slow down, 2016!

before thirty: take a floral design class

My favorite flower shop in East Nashville hosts occasional workshops and I was lucky to grab a seat! Eight humans standing around the table learning how to make a grid with tape, arrange flowers with a focal point and imagine a life where your job is to arrange flowers and make someone's day brighter. 

In a world of technology, it was so nice to do something with my hands. To make something from nothing and know it could be a catalyst for making someone's day.

What about you? 

What can you do for yourself to make the world stop spinning for just a bit? Wake up a bit earlier for quiet time? Take a walk on your lunch hour instead of eating at your desk? Drive home sans radio to get lost in your thoughts? 

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