I believe you should be able to walk up to a paint counter and ask for "winter wheat" in a semi-gloss. This has nothing to do with contacting me  just thought you should know. 

If I were to place my top four ways of communication I'd place them tweets, email, snail mail and Facebook messaging. In my top pair, I'd place tweets over email because of the conciseness of messaging. I appreciate individuals who can articulate a well-rounded thought in 140 characters or less. Email correspondence takes the second slot due to it's unoriginality.

Moving on to my middle pair, I place email over snail mail only because of efficiency. I realize the USPS does deliver in the snow, sleet, rain and hail, but my snail mail usually gets lost. 

Finally, in my bottom pair, I place snail mail over Facebook messaging because of that silly little app. And, who doesn't love opening snail mail? Everyone loves it.

All that to say, I'm looking forward to meeting with you.