Mom Life: My Greatest Adventure


We made our first errands run for premie clothes. I cheered for a diaper. I rocked my baby on the back porch.

And I called a sweet cancer survivor and asked, “how am I going to do this?” The #KByeCancer journey begins Monday with a PET scan, which I can safely get since Elsie is no longer my wombmate. It involves radiation, which means I’ll spend my first 24 hours away from my girl.

And I think that’s when it finally hit me.

I’ve seen the sun set in more countries than most. I’ve hiked, and kayaked, and drank craft beers at mountain tops. I’ve danced on a table in Argentina, and yelled “freeeedoommm” atop the William Wallace monument in Scotland.

I’ve caught pike in Canada, hopped last minute flights to visit friends, and moved to cities before visiting.

And, the truth is, my greatest adventure is roughly 6 pounds and is covered in rainbows and unicorns.