Kid Photo Contest: Win $1,000

Oh, baby. I love me some baby pictures. If this were confessional, I’d admit to having too many framed photos of my friends/cousins’ tiny humans. I just love ‘em so much.

I may not have one of my own (yet), but I’m keenly aware of how much they cost. They’re like the anti-money tree. They take the money tree and shake it down with their diapers, toys, clothes that only fit for a few months and leave you with some adorable giggles, hilarious tantrums and a bushel of love.

Prepare yourself for what comes next. Seriously, take a seat.

A hair restoration company is poking fun and finding humor in that babies have more hair on their perfect little heads than some grown adults. That's right they're celebrating kids who have too much hair and their parents who need more. 

I just cannot with this. Hilarious. I mean, find the silver lining, right?

And, to celebrate those little babies who don’t even know how to appreciate their lovely locks, they’re hosting a contest and giving away $1,000 - each month - to the parent of the kid whose picture gets the most likes.

Can you image how many diapers $1,000 could buy? A lot, I imagine. It's simple. Upload. Vote. Share.

Since we're talking about cute photos of tiny humans, here are a few of my favorites. Just over here trying to win the award for the best Aunt B in the western hemisphere. 


FYI: No one paid me for this post. I mean, they should at least buy me coffee, right? 

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