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for every grapefruit there is a burger.

Have you noticed the more you try to avoid bad decisions the more opportunities are available? In the peak of fitness motivation I find myself surrounded with a plethora of happy hour and lunch invitations. When you’re seeking new friendships and a heightened local network, it’s unacceptable to turn down either of these invitations.

So, I turn to ClassPass for two-a-days, my trainer* for guidance and MyFitnessPal for accountability. Additionally, I surround myself on social media with those who are seeking healthy lifestyles. Looking at you, AlisonSarah and Kelly.


But, life can't be perfect. Mine, anyway. It can, however, be intentional.

As I learn to wake up a bit earlier to make breakfast, a meal I've skipped most of my life, and pour over the Word, I've chosen to leave room for impromptu adventures.  

Adventures with friends .... and burgers. 


Because sometimes you're invited to an infamous burger bar and you just don't want to say no. 

*Yes, I meet with a personal trainer once or twice a week  depending on my schedule — to pick up a few new tricks to help whip my body back into shape. Give George an Insta follow for random grams and tidbits of motivation. 

hopdoddy burger bar

hopdoddy is known for excellent customer service, exceptional burgers and delightful craft beer. It's no wonder the line is consistently out the front door. I give it five stars.

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the best part of austin

In Austin, dogs are welcome everywhere. Well, nearly everywhere. Everywhere except the grocery store?

On top of that, I work at a dog-friendly agency, which means Molly comes to the office every Friday. Bottom life: we've created a monster who believes she is entitled to go with us where ever we go.


This is actually Molly's world and we're lucky to be a part of it.


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They're leaving me. Jerks.

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house wine + s'mores

Once upon a time I made a happy hour date with an Oklahoma girl named Emily. She’s a small town Oklahoma girl who happened to move to Austin the same weekend as the Haney team. On this particular Friday (ahem, last Friday), I was somehow granted an easy commute. Basically, an Austin miracle.

We met at House Wine, which happens to be one of my favorite places to hang out in all of Austin. It’s a house that serves wine. Get it?


And, they serve s'mores. S'MORES.

Unrelated and not particularly important: I wore a floral dress I scored on the cheap from Nordstrom Rack. 

While we talked about housing markets, Kendra Scott knock-offs, Emily's recent wedding, traffic patterns and vacations we destroyed a plate of urban campfire s'mores.

I've never been so messy in public in all my life or had a more delightful happy hour. 

Visitors are fun.

My little sister and her perpetual plus one (a fancy way of saying BFFL) came to Austin this weekend. They drove. The one thing I was unprepared for when living in North Carolina was that simply getting in my gas-guzzling SUV and driving home was off the table. I'm over the moon that's its back on the table.

With two college kids in the house, our weekend was full of food: breakfast fit for queens, tacos fit for a local and pizza fit for a middle school sleepover. 

We did stumble down to South Congress for quality exploring. I’ve been saving this particular adventure for a weekend when I’d have someone to serve as my Robin.

Zigging and zagging through the crowd was worth it when we rounded the corner to a table full of dinosaurs.

Hello, Alan Grant, welcome to the family.

South Congress is nothing but magical. Oddities in every window, food trucks filling the air with their favorite treats, brisk air, vendors lining the street and smiling people. To be fair, the humans were most likely smiling because the weather is perfect – and it’s November.

Just a day in the life, you know.

eh oh. B.

links for you

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I feel head-over-heels in love with the Gypsy Wagon.
I caved and purchased a pair of Kendra Scott studs.
We got crazy and watched Maleficent and ordered Flying Pizza. It was delicious.

Austin and such.

“It’s time.” These two words upgraded my professional life from a cubicle (sans natural lighting) to a shared office space overlooking Charlotte’s SouthPark area. For this rural-gone-urban girl who dreams of winter wheat, black cattle and Oklahoma’s blue sky – this was a game changer. With this simple change, creativity has walked back into my life like a tall drink of water from west Texas.

I really missed you, creepers. I miss writing you of my adventures, and the fault is mine. It's a hard life as a social media manager - being "on" all day and writing a hobby blog at night. How does one make time for Rose, Sophia, Dorothy and Blanche?

Moving on.

view of SouthPark Mall

Thursday – new office. Friday – travel to Austin.

We (uhg. the married “we”) explored Austin this past weekend. Swoon. Austin encompasses everything I love in the world: music, minimal trees and all the Mexican food.

On Sunday, Mary married Joseph.

Mary Kate Scott, Kirby Smith, Brooke Haney

(insert all the jokes)

Photo Booth

New rule: all weddings must have photobooths.

BREAKING: I've decided it's time to post about our wedding. The invitations, flowers, details. In my own way, of course.

Over & Out.

P.S. Austin, I still love you.