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The Underdog.

Growing up I thought the Beach Boy’s hit Kokomo was about Kokomo Grains. You know, the one in Indiana. That song was followed by Aaron Tippin’s There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio, which was followed by Hal Ketchum’s Small Town Town Saturday Night. Add in Conway, Prince, Whitney, Ian, Michael, Suzy, George and Garth and you’ve created the foundation that is my support structure for all things creative in my life.

Music is intertwined into every memory – past, present, future – of my life. 

Because of this, I’ve learned to trust those behind the fm channels. They’re playing the best songs – as voiced by the people. Or are they?

I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy happening in Nashville, but I’m not saying something fishy isn’t happening. Aaron Watson debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard’s Top Country Albums, but isn’t given airtime on local radio? 

Quick. Someone grab the DeLorean and tell Loretta Lynn if she were in 2015 Honky Tonk Girl could climb the charts without jukebox and radio play.

To be fair, I’m not sure how exactly I feel about this. The people are putting their money behind their voice – Aaron’s The Underdog is currently sitting at 16 on iTune’s overall chart – but the radio execs aren’t playing the songs.

That just seems like a bad business model. 


To me, Texas country is the rain on a tin roof, taking lunch to grandpa in the field, learning to drive on rural route three - it's the raw, undeniable truth that is rural America. Aaron gets that.

Bluebonnets is a bare-all, intimate track depicting the loss of his daughter, Julia. I can't imagine a better way to cope - and honor - the loss of a child. 

"Arron Watson can out pick, out sing and our pray anyone in country music." - Josh Abbott, this past Saturday at the San Antonio Rodeo. 

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