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I haven't unpacked my suitcase.

As I mentally prepared for a week on the road (work-week in Hartland, Wisconsin; friend weekend on Grand Lake, Oklahoma) I told myself this was the week I would conquer suitcase living.  

If I mentally prepared, pinned all the right pins and planned accordingly I could still make it to yoga 3-4 times, run on the treadmill and make good food choices. Try as I might when I’m on the road it’s like I push pause on real life.

I can’t run errands, run to the grocery store or clean the bathroom, so I’m basically on vacation, right? 


I’m just really bad at living out of a suitcase. Just ask my yet-to-be-unpacked suitcase.

I suppose as long as you fill your week with adventures like visiting rural Wisconsin's The Kiltie, where you'll most definitely question the Steak Pizza, but devour a double cheeseburger you're doing okay. 

Because sometimes you begin your day knowing you need to sell working-from-home in Nashville to your boss and end your day by celebrating that your boss is completely okay with you working-from-home in Nashville

Surprisingly, I only needed one Spotted Cow for that celebration. 

And sometimes life brings you lemonade and you get to spend the week with your friend since sixth grade lockers on one of Oklahoma's most beautiful man-made creations. 

And sometimes you get to keep all the vodka to yourself because your friend is rockin' a baby bump. Which, by the way, makes you the skinniest person on the boat.

Turns out adulting is hard, but I'm really good at faking it. 

a wild night with fried chickens

Last spring while in the midst of a video shoot for National Gypsum's Ask for PURPLE campaign, one of my favorite Charlotteanswine Wednesday advocate and all-around quality humangave me a sneak peek at one of his fun projects. After a long, quiet day on set this gave me all the giggles. 

Today, he shared the final product and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

If you're keeper of children, particularly of boys, you need to hit play. Regardless of your children keeper status, hit play.

When I was riding the struggle bus in a job that wasn't quite my cup of tea, Rob made going to work a little brighter because he's one of the most creative minds I've ever worked with.

Where most people see things in black and white, he sees them in ROYGBIV. For real. It's superhuman. 

We've got that Super Bass.

I have wonderful news for my future nieces - the ones who will be born many, many years from now. I have successfully made two tutus in my life. The first one for a superhero costume and the other for last night's Halloween costume. Courtney and I couldn't disappoint the church group who comes to the little urban casa every Wednesday. We told them we'd dress up and I believe there were a few serious pinkie promises in the mix.

This side-by-side is a little creepy. Is that me as a child? Oh dear goodnessCourtney, the Rosie to my Sophia, was and is the perfect hype girl.

As a child I was about as annoying as they come. Always talking, always the center of attention and always talking a few octaves too high my parents had their hands full with me.

Clearly, it makes perfect sense I would fall in love with the little tutu-wearing rapper, Sophia Grace.

This may be the best costume of my life, and I once dressed up as a really awesome dinosaur.

They're just quite lovely.

Sigh. Could someone loan me their child? I'll teach them a few Nicki Manaj lyrics, put them in a tutu and send them right back.

Also, anyone need a tutu? There's really no room in my closet for this.

Retro Project.

Dallyn was gone for the weekend at a lovely bachelorette party. I'm sure it was just pillow fights, herbal tea and girl chat. [obviously.] And that amazing man-friend of mine was at *boys weekend*. ::Read as: Obviously I'm an amazing girlfriend who deserves flowers (orchids or orange roses), or a date night (I'm dying to see the Backup Plan), or a graduation present due to the complete okay-ness of the only communication being a single text stating, "alive."

Moving on. @BentonRay was in town. [Yes, I speak in twitter handles now] We, along with @oksteve, @JeredTyler, @oksteve's lovely wife and her friend went to the Wormy Dog. Oh - and I ran into @RMAtkins. [We missed @KTEknight]

Yeah, I know that paragraph wasn't necessary - but I couldn't resist. This whole intro leads me into this:

Early Saturday morning, while taking @BentonRay to his truck I saw these (pictured below) at an antique store.

Turns our the owner (of the antique store) knows my hometown vet. Once again, rural meets urban.

They had so much potential and they are completely retro. I loaded them up in the car and headed to Home Depot. One call to my Aunt Beth (Yeah, you're a blogging celebrity now) and I left with primer, a wire brush, and yellow paint. Who am I kidding - I also left with one of those nifty contraptions that allows you to not tire your finger or get paint on you. (Urban win)

Just look at that seat. Ew. I almost quit. But, I figured Clinique Exfoliant doesn't quit on me - so why quit on these chairs. They just need a little lovin'.

Two coats of primer - check. Thought about leaving them white, but then I got bored about 15 minutes later. Yellow it is.

Just look at those chairs! They look good. ("Yes Brooke, they look amazing!") Rural kicks Urban's butt once again.