Devil’s Bridge Trail; Sedona, Arizona

Walking an empty trail, my breath providing a cadence to pair my stride, my brain began to unwind - really unwind.

Cutting-edge content - videos that take on lives of their own, graphics that reel in followers like bobbers on a hot summer night -  gives me life and the Arizona National provided just the right opportunity. After six consecutive days of leading the media initiatives, my creativity rested on E.

While creativity is a renewable resource, the turnaround time is dependent on dedication to the refuel process. Simply: you can not create from nothing.


One step in front of the other, one service bar disappearing after another, my once depleted creativity tank began to fill.

Losing yourself, making space for your mind to wander, is a never-ending practice. You might say, even, it’s an art.


A steep, moderate difficulty hike to the largest natural stone arch in Sedona was just what I didn't know I needed. Reaping the benefits of an early alarm, I was a solo hiker on the heavily-trafficked trail, although I passed herds of tourists on the hike out. 


what you should know about the trail

Without a high-clearance vehicle, you’re not going to start at the trailhead, which means you’re looking at a brisk 5.8 miles on the out-and-back trail.

Park at the Dry Creek Vista Trailhead and at the end of the paved section of Dry Creek Road, and venture down the Chuckwagon Trail to avoid the unpaved portion of Dry Creek Road, which is a popular Jeep trail.

You'll not only avoid the tourists, but the views are 10/10.


The short - but strapping - Devil’s Bridge trail includes a steep, natural staircase that leads to the the most tremendous natural views of Sedona red rocks.

The bridge, 5 feet in width, is a stupendous 45 feet in length, which is ideal for those seeking the perfect Instagram.

Cheers to new sights and big adventures. They're waiting on us if we only make the time to enjoy them.