Resolutions for the Novice Traveler

So, you’re single and dreaming of big travels? Girl, same.

If you’re stuck in the dreaming phase, it’s time to make resolutions to make wanderlust a part of your brand.

Make Adventures Part of Your Routine

The word adventure is not exclusive to cross-country road trips or international destinations. No matter your zip code, we’re surrounded by shops, parks, and venues waiting to meet your acquaintance.

Book A Solo Trip

Find a small town, national park, big city within a few hours from home, book an AirBNB for two nights, pack a bag, and go.

Figure out what to do when you get there.

Better yet, tweet @RuralGoneUrban and I’ll send you suggestions.  

Stop Apologizing for Your Choices

Your journey is your journey. You can choose to be a good steward of your finances and stock away money for travel, or you can choose to spend your money in other ways.

I’m not here to place judgement, but I’m confident there’s always one person, let’s call her Carol, who mutters “must be nice” when she sees your travel post on Facebook. She’s generally the same person who has a bi-weekly nail appointment, carries an expensive handbag, and dines out six days a week.

[Disclaimer: I carry a pretty pricey Frye bag. I love her. She’s been around for years. She was absolutely worth the investment.]

Bottom line, we all have our choices to make. If you want adventures to be part of who you are, there’s no need to apologize.

2018 is your year. You’ve got this.

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