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Cow Dog Molly Accepts New Baby
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There’s something special about the moment your ride-or-die ranch dog finally admits the new baby isn’t leaving.

She’s been my main girl since 2007.

Through undergrad, a ride in the OSU homecoming parade, graduate school, love, heartbreak, calling home to five states, six jobs, adventuring in 19 states, launching a business, saying yes to Damon Cody Taylor... she’s been there.

Through Whitney ballads, old and new Jo Bro pop, Conway heartbreaks, Maren anthems, and Jason Isbell love songs, she’s been riding shotgun.


Through learning through failing, she taught me think of anything other than myself in my twenties.

She’s been there for every tear, every laugh, every milestone for 12 years.

And, now we’re adding two more.

She’s my favorite golden girl. And I can’t imagine doing this week without her.

Pomeranian Has Better Summer Than You

Molly, the 10-year-old Pomeranian, had a better summer than you.

Some people dream of summers like this and she just lived it like she's been there before. 


Starting her summer in Tulsa, Molly kicked off the summer with snow cones and pool days. Because, why wouldn't you? 


She packed her bags, pointed the car west, and slept through her shotgun obligations like a true veteran. 


The happiest tourist at the Cadillac Ranch.


Locked up a 72 oz. breakfast.


Kept her head on a swivel in Alberquerque. 


Learned a lot at the Petrifed Forest National Park. 


Ate more Sonic ice than the average Pomeranian. 


Drove miles and miles around the Phoenix valley.


Howeled at the moon in the Tonto National Forest. 


Survived one of the hottest weeks in Phoenix history. 


Slept through a beautiful drive through Utah.


Watched a Colordo sunset. 


Fell in love with Colorado.


Climbed to the top - and back down - of a Colorado waterfall. 


Ran super fast to the water in Dillon until she realized it was super cold.


Came back to Tulsa, because tiny humans love her. And she loves the tiny humans.


And, finally made it back to Perkins, Okla., to hang with her tribe.

molly the muttnation model

I honestly can’t imagine what your heart must feel like to be a parent to tiny humans, because mine has ranged from worry to overflowing with pure joy and back again as a dog mom.  

She’s my fearless farm dog who prefers chasing chickens and squirrels to most anything in life. Except maybe for begging for pizza, which of course is her drug of choice.

She’s just a weird little ball of ornery feistiness who brings so much joy to this world she has a waiting list of sitters for my next out-of-town trip. I'm not bluffing here. A half-stranger has called dibs on watching her for a trip in December.

Living in Music City, weird requests come across the table. For example, “hey, my friend needs some dogs for a photo shoot - you and Molly in?”

Yep. Sure.

Wait, for what? 

There are about a million things in this world we should do to make a difference: cure cancer, feed the homeless, care for the orphans. Among them, is take care of all the abandon pups. Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation was built on her love for the furry little creatures and is making great strides to make sure so many of them have loving, stable homes. Last fall, my friends and I took over Tishomingo, Okla. for a long girls weekend, and a common theme among conversations with locals was an appreciation for Miranda's impact in the local community, specifically Redemption Ranch.

So we showed up on a rainy Saturday and found the only XS shirt in the box and rocked some MuttNation Gear.  MuttNation merchandise fuels the MuttNation foundation. So basically, it's adorable and goes directly to local shelters. And, Molly was able to spend a morning soaking in all the attention she clearly doesn't get at home.

Clarification: That's a joke. All she gets is attention. 

So here's to helping local shelters and keeping your furry besties dressed to impress! Oh, and be on the lookout on the MuttNation Facebook page for photos of Molly. 

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pomeranian versus snow

Although we had quite a few snowy days in Oklahoma, they were often outweighed by ice storms that took their toll on power lines and livestock.

So, you can image the delight of a true snow day while living an urban existence in Nashville's east side. I've never seen The Walking Dead, but I image our 'hood could have passed for a scene or two. Imagine folks walking down the center of a snow-filled street toward the local Kroger to fill their bellies. 

To be fair, I keep our pantry quite stocked. We just needed out of the house. We were stir crazy, man. 

The dog turned into a real jerk who gave us the a serious guilt trip for forcing her inside every so often to knock off the snow frozen to her little body. 


Just look at the little snow bunny. She could barely walk yet she threw us some mad shade when we called her indoors.


Now that the snow is gone we're left dreaming of another snow day. 'till next time. 

the best part of austin

In Austin, dogs are welcome everywhere. Well, nearly everywhere. Everywhere except the grocery store?

On top of that, I work at a dog-friendly agency, which means Molly comes to the office every Friday. Bottom life: we've created a monster who believes she is entitled to go with us where ever we go.


This is actually Molly's world and we're lucky to be a part of it.


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They're leaving me. Jerks.

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lady bird lake with the lady molly

Man, I love my dog.

She’s survived a bachelors, masters, a handful of boyfriends, a new last name, seven houses, four jobs, three states and more slices of pizza than I care to admit.

There’s just something about the way she stays close when I’m under the weather, knowingly tilts her little white head when we’re deep in conversation, yearns for someone to knock on the front door and ditches me for the sportswriter’s office when I head for bed.

More than anything, I truly believe she wishes she were a farm dog. When we’re home (home will always be Oklahoma, y’all) she loves nothing more than rolling in the horse stalls, chasing the chickens and sneaking into the bull pen to get up close and personal with an animal that could end her without a second thought.

Since she’s a rural gone urban girl, too, we take long walks when possible.  Saturday was no different. This weekend, we headed to Lady Bird Lake for a few miles of squirrel hunting.

At 9 a.m. it was around 75°. With her short, summer ‘doo I thought we were good to go. She was in her element, man. All systems go.

She treed a squirrel, made friends with a few walkin' ladies and swooned at her reflection in the lake.  

We stopped for water breaks at the 1.0 and 1.15 mile markers, respectively. In our eight years of walking, this was the first time we've ever had to stop for a break. The temperatures were in the 80s now, but I was hopeful we could keep at it. 

Molly had other plans, however. She was satisfied with chillin' and people watching. She. was. done.

So we turned on our heels and headed back to the car.

Except Molly was all, "nah, call an Uber."


Her legs refused to walk. So I carried her back to the car like a princess, turned the ac on blast and drove home.

Home, where she whined like a toddler because she wanted to go back into the heat to chase squirrels. 


This is my 'hood.

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It's true. Molly is on Instagram. You can follow her if you'd like. If you're not into following dogs on Instagram, that's cool too. 

Basically, I just really needed to cut back on the number of dogs photos I was posting. 

It was getting out of control.